Today’s Mainstream Rebellion found its roots in Hungary 2015

Today’s Mainstream Rebellion found its roots in Hungary 2015

Quite honestly, the success of both Brexit and Donald Trump surprised me.  While not marginalizing their success of today, one can hardly believe the results would have been the same two years ago.  But the winds of opportunity can change rapidly. It is of my belief that the migrant mayhem – resulting from Angela Merkel’s reckless policies and the EU’s complete surrender of the border – was the catalyst for the triumph of Brexit and Trump.

In this new world of social media, the world is an open book.   Americans saw the open border and multicultural mayhem in Germany, Italy, Greece, Belgium, France, and Sweden.  Many here were shocked at the lax border security and dangers EU leaders exposed their citizens to.  In Britain, they not only saw it, but lived it.  EU leaders failed to answer the bell, refused to secure the border, and arrogantly tried to force their multicultural vision on those who wanted no part of it.

In America, it was Obama, Clinton and their media allies who were championing a borderless world and legitimizing street thugs who were openly assaulting and shooting our police. Across Europe and America, many decent, law-abiding families saw their way of life and culture being attacked.  Many of our concerns were tossed aside and we were dismissed as “xenophobic”, “uneducated”, and “fearful” simpletons by the global elites.

But something happened in the fall of 2015 that changed the debate and gave confidence to millions of others to stand up and defy those who wished to break our spirit.  The scene was Hungary and the man was Viktor Orban.

Flooded with unknown migrant men “waved-through” by Greece, Orban had seen enough.  Openly defying Merkel, Orban closed the Hungarian border, put the safety of his people first and challenged the EU’s open border theology.  For this, he was vilified by the media and the Old Guard; but to many Europeans, he was their champion.

As the migrant crisis continued to bring chaos to Europe, others started listening to Orban.  The Visegrad states of Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland joined Hungary in forming a united front against migrant quotas.  Once unknown, the V4 has now become a force inside the EU and their respect has never been stronger.  Having lost all confidence in Merkel – the Balkans, Austria and others are today working with the V4 (not the EU) to secure the internal borders.  The seeds for the revolution had been planted.

In 2016, a weakened establishment would receive the knockout blows from both Brexit and Trump.  Today they are down for the count. No doubt, this broad mainstream movement would not be where it is today without the initial courage of Viktor Orban and the citizens of Hungary to challenge the Global Goliaths.

This ones for you Hungary. Well done my friends, well done!