Toxic feminism on full display in Sweden, the epicenter of cultural Marxism.

Toxic feminism on full display in Sweden, the epicenter of cultural Marxism.

Toxic feminism on full display in Sweden, the epicenter of cultural Marxism.

Toxic feminism on full display in Sweden again as bitter feminists attack Viktor Orban for promoting measures that promote Hungarian families and more births of Hungarian children.

These were shameful and irresponsible words that must be answered.

These are the same type of perverted minds who want to introduce abnormal ‘gender ideology’ theories (like different ice cream flavors) to children at school and in kindergarten.

Sweden is the epicenter of cultural Marxism. Imagine, the moral bankruptcy and self-hatred of these liberal socialists, who actually believe it is a mortal sin that “Orban now wants more births of ‘original’ Hungarian children.”

Think about this statement and some of the other ‘core values’ held by the Eurocrats and ruling class of the West EU bloc, especially France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

The EU Project is all but over. The values and beliefs between the West and Central-Eastern Europe are just too vast and too deep to sustain any type of political union.

When a country is attacked for promoting traditional families and the best interests of its people, it’s time to move on.

* Original article shared by Defend Croatia and translated in brief below. As always, our criticism is directed not at all Swedes (many are doing their best to fight the system) but at the ruling class and their mercenaries in the media.

A liberal author who writes for the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan claims that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban should “be ashamed” of wanting to increase his natality in Hungary.

Sofia Nerbrand writes: “Viktor Orban stated that his goal was to increase the Hungarian population with the help of the White Hungarian offspring – not immigrants.”

“The rhetoric and politics that rewards its own people and excludes others should not have a place in today’s Europe,” writes Nerbrand.

These are some very reckless and dangerous words spoken by Nerbrand. However, neither Nerbrand or the EU clerks in Brussels will define Europe, which is much bigger than Sweden or the EU.

Yet, the feminists in Sweden were not finished. A minister named Annika Strandhäll joined the circus:

“What is happening in Hungary is alarming. Orban now wants more births of ‘original’ Hungarian children,” she wrote on Twitter.

He sure does….and why not? Apparently, Strandhäll has a problem with Hungarians. Does she want to limit ‘original’ Hungarian children?

** The far-left and proponents of the multicult superstate represent the biggest threat to the integrity of Europe today.

Strandhäll and Nerbrand should both resign in disgrace. They have not only shamed themselves but also their own country.