Trump, Germany and antifa: There is a history.

Trump, Germany and antifa:  There is a history.

Trump, Germany and antifa: There is a history.

Back in 2019, President Donald Trump had already suggested that this classification of domestic terrorism should be applied to antifa, saying it “would make it easier for police to do their jobs,” and dubbed the antifa group “gutless radical left wack jobs.” 👇

This was taken as an insult by some in Germany. Of course, in Germany, the activists had a meltdown and were in a fit rage, responding with an “I am Antifa” (IchbinAntifa) campaign on social networks as left-wing politicians defended the far-left anarchists. (it even hit the number one spot on Twitter’s trending list.)

Sven Lehmann, a Greens MP and the party’s spokesperson for social and queer policy, wrote on Twitter that he supports Antifa because the group “often looked closely when people were devalued or attacked, where others looked away.”

“I am Antifa always and every time. German history compels us to stand up against racism and fascism. On the street and in parliament,” wrote Bernd Riexinger, co-chairman of the Left party.

* Wow, these German politicians are “out there”, illustrating just how looney and bizarre the political landscape has become in Germany. Antifa has a big presence in Germany.

While there are still some sane citizens in Germany, they seem to be fighting an uphill battle as the minority. Unfortunately, Germany may already be cooked.

The EU, especially the hypocrites of Angela Merkel’s government in Germany and Brussels, must start coming down hard on these terrorists. For far too long, their communist-type thuggery and domestic terrorism has been tolerated by certain MEPs for political purposes.

There needs to be some deep and intense interrogation to discover just who is funding and enabling this Antifa, which tends to contain many young, far-left losers from a generation that has been coddled like little babies since birth.

There also needs to be some serious questions asked to those governments and politicians that tolerate (approve) its actions.

Time to put these slackers and their sponsors back into their place. Both are a menace to society and should be treated as such.