Tunisia is working to help refugees escape slavery

Tunisia is working to help refugees escape slavery

Tunisia is working to help refugees escape slavery

The V4 Report has said this time and time again; glad someone else has pointed out the futility of “combating smugglers” (an EU slogan) alone.

What good does arresting a smuggler do, when the illegals are rewarded with some type of stay in Europe. This is why they keep coming.
“There is little indication that migration is rising due to heightened availability of smugglers. In contrast, a growing trend in Tunisia is ‘self-smuggling’, where [Tunisians] pool their money and buy boats [to] depart autonomously for Europe”…This means that “addressing such departures can’t focus on arresting smugglers alone.”

Bingo 🎯

It’s about breaking the will of the customer (illegals) by denying entry from the start, slashing benefits, and deporting the illegals swiftly and with a purpose.

There will always be smugglers, but the key is to send a message to illegals that if you enter Europe, you will be sent back swiftly without the euros spent to get there.

If deportation is done quickly and with a purpose, the demand would dry up quickly.

Unfortunately, the EU has sent the wrong message and illegals worldwide realize that once they enter the EU, they are here to stay.
No wonder they keep paying big money to get here…their investment is paying dividends.

Forget counterproductive relocation schemes…the focus must be on mass deportations.