Turkey rescues migrants pushed back by Greece

Turkey rescues migrants pushed back by Greece

Great job Greece. Keep up the pushbacks; there is no other way to defend the border. 👍
Erdogan’s propaganda rag, the Daily Sabah, continues to embarrass itself: Turkey ‘rescues’ 117 migrants pushed back by Greece in Aegean.
All know the Turk drill by now. Turkey pushes the illegals to Greece, which then properly defends its border. Next, Turkey claims it is rescuing illegals that it directed towards Greece in the first place. One cannot make this stuff up.

Does Erdogan think this will get him more euros from Brussels, or that this theater somehow damages Greece’s reputation?

Does Erdogan not think that Turkey is safe for the migrants? He says he loves the migrants.
The EU or foreign NGO hacks may not like the pushbacks, but Europeans realize this practice – whether in Greece, Croatia, or Hungary – is absolutely necessary to stop the invasion.

Deep down, the EU and UN realize they can do nothing to stop the pushbacks. Too many others rightfully support them; self-preservation must always come first.
Ylva from Sweden will just have to get used to it.