Typical EPP Group propaganda regarding Frontex and borders

Typical EPP Group propaganda regarding Frontex and borders

Typical EPP Group propaganda regarding Frontex and borders.

Both have a very odd definition of defending borders, especially after Frontex boasted of 28,000 ‘rescues’. 🙃

This is not defending the borders; Frontex is a sham.

There were many good reasons why Salvini (as Interior Minister) basically kicked Frontex out of Italy.

The EPP Group was all giddy over a Frontex declaration requesting “more opportunities to address abuses in Member States” regarding migration.

What is this hogwash? Abuse by the member states? Does the EPP believe that practices used by the nation-states to prevent illegals from entering the EU, which they label as “pushbacks”, are abusive?

Should they hold welcoming rallies and hand out fruit baskets as Germany did years ago? How did that work out?

Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, and Hungary are defending borders, which benefits all in the EU, especially the hypocrites in Germany.

How else do they propose to prevent aggressive male illegals from forcing their way past the border? What good is Frontex “surveillance” without the ability to repel?

The EPP lives in some fantasy world, shamelessly claiming that Frontex protects “our external borders”…sure, right after Frontex boasted of 28,000 “rescues”. 👌

We applaud Orban for exiting this EPP Group, which masquerades as a party on the right while working with radical Greens, Socialists, and fanatical EU federalists (Verhofstadt’s Renew Europe).

The EPP has been Germany’s tool (similar to CSU Bavaria) to keep national conservatives on the right divided and from emerging as a strong counterbalance to the establishment left and its Grand Coalition of EU parties that have failed Europe.

Hopefully, Orban’s departure ignites the emergence of a strong and united force on the right to defend the sovereignty and integrity of the European nation-states.

The right needed a boost…and they just got a big one. More will follow Orban as alignments shift.