Typical of Manfred Weber of Germany (CSU-EPP) to take selfies…Donald Tusk and Weber are made for each other and the EPP.

Typical of Manfred Weber of Germany (CSU-EPP) to take selfies…Donald Tusk and Weber are made for each other and the EPP.

Typical of Manfred Weber of Germany (CSU-EPP) to take selfies…Donald Tusk and Weber are made for each other and the EPP.

It’s all about increasing his own power and scope in the EU Parliament and his drive towards a United States of Europe. His quotes reveal his zeal to transfer more control over to Brussels.

Donald Tusk and Weber are made for each other and the EPP. Don’t be fooled, Weber is very deceptive and a hard core EU federalist in the mold of Emmanuel Macron, even if they travel at slightly different speeds to ultimately reach the same destination.

Weber is trying to take advantage of the coronavirus to push for a bigger EU role and more control…just as a conniving Tusk used the virus to manipulate a delay in the Polish election to enable his party to switch candidates, even after the original date of the election had passed.

– Manfred Weber says Italexit would be WORSE than Brexit and would trigger ‘end of the EU’…”And Europe cannot afford a lost generation again.” What does he mean with such high drama of lost generations?

Weber, like most EU zealots, has become blinded by delusions of grandeur, and somehow believes that Europe would be lost without the guidance of such luminaries such as himself or David Sassoli.

No wonder he’s worried about the project; Weber has made a career of feeding off the leviathan in Brussels. Weber added that, “Today, only 27 percent of Italians say they have faith in the EU.” Has he looked in the mirror to ask himself why this is?

No, instead, he blames it on “national selfishness”.

– Germany and France yesterday unveiled a proposal for a reconstruction fund whereby grants will be offered to European member states and regions hit hardest by the new coronavirus crisis, while the European Commission will present its own proposal for a similar Recovery Fund linked to the EU’s next long-term budget on May 27.

Whatever ones thinks of Merkel’s latest proposal, and there are many moving parts here (another topic for debate, but later), it is obviously another big step towards EU federalism and is intended to increase the scope, control and power of Brussels.

Manfred said: “I am making it clear that countries like Italy or Spain must not use the billion-dollar aid from the reconstruction fund to combat the consequences of the Corona crisis in order to fill their budgetary gaps or to pay out pensions.”

“We need strict controls to ensure that the money is spent properly.”

And who will determine the strict controls or if the money is spent properly? Mr Weber said it was crucial such funds “be controlled and approved by the European Parliament”.

How convenient for Weber, to expand the scope of the EU Parliament to which he belongs and likely will be the next president of very soon.

He also said the European Court of Auditors and the European Commission “should have the possibility of direct verification” in terms of how the cash is spent.

Speaking last week, George Soros also took a shot at the nation states after voicing his own fears about Italexit.

He told Augsburger Allgemeine: “But what would Europe be without Italy?”

* Soros and others are not confused but intentionally have been using the term Europe as a substitute for the EU, when the two are not the same. With or without the EU, Italy is Europe…just as the UK is Europe.

Europe will not change nor will the sky fall without Manfred Weber and the EU. If Weber, Sassoli, Jourova or Johannson suddenly disappeared, there would be no loss of value to Europe and few would lose sleep. Beyond their own little world, they just do not matter nor do they add value.

** Today, we are witnessing a battle between those who believe in the ‘nations of Europe’ versus those who believe in the supremacy of the EU superstate. While Hungary and Poland realize the stakes, others seem complacent or easily manipulated by the deceptive calls to embrace the Groupthink of EU solidarity.

In the long run, Coexistence is not possible.