U.N. urges EU states not to send asylum seekers back to Hungary

U.N. urges EU states not to send asylum seekers back to Hungary

Why is Viktor Orban and Serbia’s President smiling while Austria’s Sebastian Kurz looks like he is swallowing hard?

Ask the so-called experts at the pro-migration Hungarian Helsinki Committee (HHC). 😂

The HHC activists and others are so obsessed with Orban and the pushbacks in Hungary (and elsewhere) that they basically make the argument (it a long exhausting article full of disdain for national borders) that Hungary and Serbia are not “safe” countries for migrants and that Austria should be held accountable for sending the illegals back to Hungary, which in turn just “pushes them back” to Serbia.

This is quite hilarious but so are these EU Courts and we would not be surprised if this gains traction, which would probably delight Hungary.

Some quick points from the article:
“We decided to try to establish how people from Syria and Afghanistan could have been removed from Austria, handed over to the Hungarian authorities, and then subsequently pushed back to Serbia.”

The cases in question on December 23 and January 21 took place after the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled that Hungary was acting “illegally” and breaching European and international law by refusing to offer migrants found in the country the right to seek asylum.

Carrera argues that “all overwhelming data we have confirms it is not safe for people to be sent back to Serbia because there is no functioning asylum system there, but also because Serbia engages in chain refoulement.”

“Any particular argument from the Austrian authorities, in this case, is flawed,” says Carrera, because “they cannot justify their arguments by saying it is safe in Hungary. Hungary clearly is not safe because Hungary is engaging in a systematic policy of expulsions and is still not faithfully complying with EU asylum and borders law.”

Wow, maybe Kurz will eventually have to keep the migrants. So far, Austria says it has not changed its policies regarding the EU Court ruling and returns to Hungary, but it would be amusing to see Sebastian Kurz as the first to get burned for his insistence on following the so-called EU “rule of law” (he was an advocate of this when it involved Hungary and Article 7) if the EU Court one day disallows returns from Austria (or any EU state) to Hungary.

In fact, the UN has already advised states not to return migrants to Hungary and from what we understand, Germany, since 2017, will not send back migrants to Hungary.

According to some, Greece, Hungary and Serbia are not safe countries for migrants.

It’s not a bad strategy. 😉