UK: Big problem with adult ‘refugees’ in schools.

UK: Big problem with adult ‘refugees’ in schools.

UK madness: Big problem with adult ‘refugees’ (unaccompanied minors 🧐🥸) in schools.

Asylum curbs on men who pose as pupils: Priti Patel plans sweeping changes after a string of cases of adult refugees in schools.
Home Office analysis shows that 55 percent of asylum seekers who claimed to be children over the past five years proved to be over 18.

Of the 598 age disputes that were resolved last year, 61 percent were ruled to be adults.

It’s not only embarrassing to the government but it is highly abnormal and exposes young children to many risks.
Before Patel starts inviting more ‘refugees’ fleeing war, she needs to tackle the many other problems associated with mass migration. There must be physical exams to determine the age.

Unfortunately, we believe many Western European governments are too ‘politically correct’ to conduct physical examinations to determine the age.
It’s called cowardice masquerading as tolerance…but it’s quite intolerable to the students exposed to this nonsense.

Brexit was a good start, but reclaiming one’s sovereignty is just the first step. Next, the government must start making the right decisions.