UK: Migrant boat arrivals increase six-fold in 2019 after UK paid France £6m to stop them.

UK:  Migrant boat arrivals increase six-fold in 2019 after UK paid France £6m to stop them.

UK: Migrant boat arrivals increase six-fold in 2019 after UK paid France £6m to stop them.

Did they think France would deliver great results? 😂

The UK is missing the boat. This is not a great strategy, particularly when France has little incentive to produce results and only 7% of the illegals who enter the UK are sent back.

The UK has tried everything, but like the Balkans and other parts of Europe, they have failed in the one area that would discourage this practice: deporting the illegals immediately.

In the UK’s case, only 125 of the 1,800 migrants who have made illegal sea crossings to England so far this year have been returned to the European mainland. That’s 7%. By allowing the illegals to stay in UK, this only encourages more and makes smuggling a lucrative business.

In the Balkans, some estimate 200,000 illegals are currently roaming the streets awaiting to play “the game” of trying to break into the EU. Again, there is no deterrent, since the illegal migrants are not being deported outside of Europe. Both the smugglers and migrants are well aware of this, and there is no reason for them to change their behavior.

Unless this changes, it does not matter how much money is spent or how many Frontex clerks are deployed across the EU…the migrants will keep coming because they know they will not be sent back.

If Europe wishes to preserve its culture and way of life (and this is a ‘big if’ in many parts of Western Europe), it will have to ignore a powerless UN and begin deporting the illegals swiftly outside of Europe. In addition, the generous benefits that lure the migrants will need to be slashed.

How does one think they can “change the behavior” of the illegals if they are allowed to stay while enjoying the benefits?

Breaking the will of the migrants is the only way to stop this invasion and to dent the business models of the smugglers, who rely on a weak EU that does not deport to deliver results without consequences. If the migrants realize their money and efforts will be wasted, they will be less willing to enrich the smuggling cartels.

* Those with the greatest will and fortitude will prevail. So far, instead of playing hardball, the EU has failed to answer the bell 🔔 , and the migrants and smugglers are controlling and dictating events. Quite frankly, this only reveals what many already know…Brussels wants to commit the EU to migration by overwhelming Europe into submission. How else does one explain the inaction?

Visegrad is fine for now, but eventually they will need to make some tough choices regarding their futures inside the multicult EU project. The demographics in the West EU bloc are downright scary…eventually, the newcomers and their offspring become EU voters. 🤔