UK: Priti Patel keeps trying, but nothing ever seems to change.

UK: Priti Patel keeps trying, but nothing ever seems to change.
UK: Keep swinging, eventually something will stick…right?

Priti Patel keeps trying, and some of these proposals are pretty good, but nothing ever seems to change.

The V4 Report has some advice: Exit the Council of Europe and the jurisdiction of the ECHR (Soros Court) to break free from the chains that handcuff countries from properly defending borders and deporting with more creative methods. The COE does not care about the UK or it’s citizens.

Illegals who cross English Channel in small boats could be arrested on arrival under new laws brought forward by Priti Patel. Will make it a criminal offence to knowingly arrive in the UK without permission. Illegals intercepted at sea will be brought into the country to be prosecuted.

 Again, the next step is missing. The UK is in a bad position and has no choice but to forcefully deport the illegals back to either country of origin or departure…with or without the permission of Pakistan or France.

One also must be careful about legal migration, especially from alien cultures. London, France, Brussels, Stockholm, Vienna etc are examples of why culture matters in regards to migration.
These migration treaties or declarations made decades ago by those long deceased must be scrapped, defied and ignored. They no longer represent the reality of today’s invasion.
Self-preservation comes before UN acceptance.