UK: This is a joke….no wonder illegal aliens keep flooding Britain.

UK:  This is a joke….no wonder illegal aliens keep flooding Britain.

UK: This is a joke….no wonder illegal aliens keep flooding Britain.

Eight-week custodial sentences for some of the illegals. Eight weeks? And then what? They will be asked to leave? Sure. 👌 This was an operation originating in Belgium and involving three smugglers (two from Ukraine and one from Latvia).

The 69 illegals were from Albania. But the biggest problem in Europe is the attitude of the authorities, who seem more concerned about the “exploited” illegals (willing to pay big money) than actually defending borders. How can one be ‘exploited’ while seeking out smugglers and paying them lots of money for their services?

Chris Farrimond, NCA deputy director of investigations, gives the usual sermon: “…we are determined to do all we can to disrupt and dismantle people smuggling networks, and prevent them from exploiting migrants for profit….Our aim is to target those who cause harm, safeguard those who are most vulnerable while securing the UK’s borders.”
Securing UK borders while allowing the illegals to stay? Yes, this makes sense. 🤨

This fight cannot just be about smugglers; this is a side show. Smugglers will always be plentiful as long as illegals continue to demand their services, knowing full well that they will not be deported and that their ‘investment’ will be rewarded.

To break the smuggling model (big profit), one must first break the will of the illegals by immediately deporting them back to their countries of origin without their money. Until this happens, all the silly slogans about dismantling smuggling networks is pure rubbish…and a distraction from the real issue.

** FYI. On another note – which is somewhat amusing – two Illegals, represented by some guy named Imran Rashid, entered no pleas to the charge, pending referrals to the national mechanism for identifying victims of ‘modern slavery’. 🙄

What will the migration attorneys invent next to expand and broaden the definition of a ‘refugee’? Climate refugees? Health care refugees? How about the class of entitled refugees?…/harwich-albanian-migrant-boat…