UN body claims Priti Patel’s new asylum reform ‘risks breaching international law’

UN body claims Priti Patel’s new asylum reform ‘risks breaching international law’

UK: UN body claims Priti Patel’s new asylum reform ‘risks breaching international law’. 👻

The UN has done nothing to defend European nations and has only encouraged this mass invasion that threatens to destabilize societies in Europe. The UK must inform the UN that they have failed and stand clear of national priorities.

If the UN is against the plan, it must have some teeth. While unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats seek to try to make themselves look relevant with international preambles, few reflect the reality of today’s climate or the concerns of the nation-states. The UN represents the illegal migrants, not Europe. In all matters, national security and self-preservation must come first, especially when so-called international treaties are outdated and fail to reflect the reality of today’s invasion.

It will be a tough row and the EU (especially France and Germany) and others (UN, Council of Europe) will try to sabotage it, but the UK must press on. There is little the UN can do about it, especially in light of its commitment to mass migration and failures to take into consideration the colossal damage being inflicted upon Europe.

The UN had the audacity to say: “It’s not too late for a rethink. We’re ready to work with the UK on alternative reforms.”
Just like they have in the past? Where was the UN to help with deportations or to criticize those countries who refused to take back their citizens? 🤨

No, we have seen how the UN operates. It’s a trap. There are no credible alternative reforms that the UN will propose that will truly defend the UK or any country in Europe.

The UN has failed Europe on all accounts. Time to push it aside.

Under Patel’s plans, any migrant that arrives in the UK illegally will face deportation to any “safe country” they travelled through, for example, France. (This is where France, Berlin and Brussels will attempt to deny the UK).

If this is not possible, but their asylum claim is successful and they are recognized as refugees genuinely fleeing war or persecution by the UK authorities, they will have fewer rights than previously.

They will only be given “temporary protection status”, with regular reassessment for deportation from the UK, limited family reunion rights, and limited access to benefits.

What is wrong with this? It’s a great starting point, although much more is needed, such as linking all foreign aid to cooperation on deportations or blocking France on certain fishing issues.

Temporary protection with regular reassessments for deportations, while tackling the outright abuses and shell games of so-called family reunification is common sense. And benefits must be slashed to take away the incentives of these illegals on the move, many who engage in ‘benefit shopping’ to determine the final destination of “their journey”.

The UNCHR, on the other hand, claims that asylum seekers are allowed to choose where they seek protection where they have legitimate reasons. When has the UN ever pointed out otherwise? 😂

One cannot negotiate with the UN regarding migration. It’s a no-win situation. In the end, the UN will always try to put handcuffs around countries trying to defend borders properly and wants as many migrants heading to Europe as possible.

Something and someone will have to give. The time is now to challenge the UN’s mass migration manifesto, while also finally exiting the Council of Europe and the jurisdiction of its ECHR, which is heavily influenced by the Soros cartels.

Too many lines have already been crossed. There can be no surrender; this battle must be fought right here and right now.

Does the Johnson government have what it takes? We can only hope so, but it would also help if a few member states ditched the EU groupthink mentality to defend the UK on this issue. One does not think the UN will not come after someone else next?

A message must be sent to both the UN and Brussels. Enough of the migration insanity!