UN Compact on Migration: the debate heats up in Belgium.

UN Compact on Migration: the debate heats up in Belgium.

UN Compact on Migration: the debate heats up in Belgium.

Bart De Wever, the leader of Belgium’s biggest party, has said that the UN Compact on Migration is unacceptable for the Flemish nationalist party, the N-VA.

De Wever points to the legal implications of the document: “It’s non-binding, but will that serve as an argument in court? The fact that the EU is no longer pursuing push back policies on refugees is the result of a court decision, not a political one.”

* He has a point. In a post on November 11, the V4 Report cited this very example to illustrate how UN declarations and documents can one day be used to handcuff a nation from properly defending its border.

We wrote: “For example, it is obvious in today’s day and age that ‘Pushback’ techniques are required to properly defend one’s border from aggressive male migrants attempting to force their way across borders.” (See the action of migrants at Spain’s land border.)

“However, in 2012, the Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights ruled that Italy’s pushback policy on boat migrants coming from Libya breached international law, including the Geneva Convention and the ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’. Those documents, and the laws that followed them, defined a person’s rights to seek asylum from persecution in other countries.”


– The compact is supposed to be signed next week, but the Flemish nationalists don’t want leftist PM Charles Michel to put his signature to this document at the signing ceremony in Marrakech.

However, all three of the other government parties in the coalition support it.

** Our take (we hope to be wrong): We do not believe the parties in question will risk the fall of their ruling coalition government. They will probably sign it after agreeing to some type of “watered-down” compromise to save face.

De Wever told newsmen that he didn’t think the compact was worth bringing down the government and that he hoped to avoid the fall of the government.

However, we hope De Wever and the Flemish N-VA stand their ground on principle. After all, what is it worth being part of a government if one must abandon his beliefs?

Take a stand N-VA!