Ursula von der Leyen: “Bringing home peace for our time” from Brussels…or voting to put a stamp of approval on EU federalism.

Ursula von der Leyen:  “Bringing home peace for our time” from Brussels…or voting to put a stamp of approval on EU federalism.

Ursula von der Leyen: “Bringing home peace for our time” from Brussels…or voting to put a stamp of approval on EU federalism.

We believe Visegrad missed chance to vote NO on principle, explaining such domination of WestEU federalists and pro-migration forces do not reflect the beliefs of Central Europe. The EU is not just about France, Germany and Benelux…and it is unacceptable that Central Europe has no voice.

Why not insist on a V4 member to replace Donald Tusk instead the open anti-V4 Charles Michel from Belgium…or vote to bring the entire rigged process down?

Did not the PiS dominate Poland in the elections? Poland is a large and major county in Europe, why some small, failed PM from tiny Belgium? Or does the West EU bloc view Poles and Central Europeans as second class.?

Is one ready to put its trust in Ursula von der Leyen, Charles Michel, a socialist from Spain and a banking charlatan from France…combined with an anti-Salvini demagogue as president of the EU Parliament?

We are not. Just as we first warned of Manfred Weber over two years ago while others trusted him, the V4 Report does not like the way this is heading.

– Germany’s Ursula von der Leyen secured a very narrow (nine votes) European parliamentary approval on Tuesday to become the first female European Commission president after she won over socialists and liberals with her vision of a “greener, fairer and rule-based Europe”.

She won over Visegrád too.

Regardless, we believe this is a disaster, not because we care about some Spitzenkandidaten process or not (irrelevant), but because we do not believe in the new leaders of the EU Commission selected largely by Emmanuel Macron and Germany.

We shall see, but the V4 Report does not consider the anti-V4 zealot Charles Michel (Verhofstadt ally) and a Grand Coalition EU Federalist (von der Leyen) as a victory in any form for Visegrad.

For whatever reason, the spin seems “over the top” and there is absolutely nothing in their past to illustrate that either respects the European nation state or Visegrad.

Has the bar been lowered?

We hope not, but von der Leyen promised many things to many groups to win support, and she cannot satisfy the EU Grand Coalition (Macron/Verhofstadt Group, Greens, Socialists, EPP) while at the same time safeguarding the sovereignty and integrity of the V4 and CE states.

This is not how it works for a committed EU federalist from Angela Merkel’s inner circle who believes and supports the UN Migration Compact and heavily criticized Hungary regarding migration in 2015.

Something will have to break.

We certainly do not relish the EU being controlled by a new EU Grand Coalition led by Paris and Berlin.

* Dismayed as we are over the end results, especially compared to the optimism that prevailed before the EU elections, the V4 Report will move on to deal with the cards that have been dealt. The fight continues.

Remember, over two years ago, the V4 Report came out strongly against Manfred Weber. We were criticized back then for this position but never believed the EPP could be reformed or redefined as long as “Merkel conservatives” called the shots.

Things can change rapidly once election pressures ‘to try to please all’ vanish and true agendas are revealed. Already, after the EU Summit, the “new faces” are working with the old establishment in Brussels to commit the EU to mass migration and “more EU”.

In time, we shall all find out if von der Leyen and Michel become the champions of Central Europe or if they push to expand the power and scope of Brussels at the expense of Visegrád and the integrity of the nation state.

The question: If the latter, in which we suspect, what is Plan B for Visegrad?