EU Parliament socialists-feminist push migrants on V4

EU Parliament socialists-feminist push migrants on V4

* The EU Parliament, including MEPs from Guy Verhofstadt’s liberal ALDE group, will attempt to impose mandatory migrant quotas on Visegrad and other “disobedient” nation states.

The ANO Party of the Czech Republic is a member of the ALDE Group. The “forced solidarity” was also celebrated by the left-wing Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (everyone knows what this label really means) and advocated by open-border activists Gianni Pittella and Elly Schlein.

Steered through the parliament by MEP Cecilia Wikstroem, a radical feminist from Sweden, the reform aims to implement the Soros Plan on Europe. George Soros has become a major “center of influence” in Brussels.

Wikstroem wants to force her extreme multicult views on Visegrad and the CEE nation states. However, she will be challenged by the leaders of the V4 and others in Central-Eastern Europe who have no desire to introduce the “NoGoZones” of Sweden to their cities and streets. Despite her noise, Wikstroem is starting a fight she cannot win. Unlike Sweden, the V4 will fight to defend their people and culture.

However, she is not alone in her arrogance. MEPs from the EPP, socialist S&D, liberal Alde, Greens/EFA and the far-left GUE/NGL voted 43-16 in favour of Wikstroem’s draft report.

The European Parliament even has their own “parties” now? What a circus.

However, even Donald Tusk was able to grasp the reality regarding this “poison pill” that will further divide Europe. The vote followed comments by Tusk, the European Council chief, who said mandatory migrant quotas have no future.

If the EU Parliament continues to push mass migration and relocation quotas, they will only further alienate the nations of Visegrad and Central Europe. Mandatory migrant quotas won’t be the only thing “without a future”.

The European Parliament should be ignored. Progressive “Socialists and Democrats” from Italy and Sweden will not determine the migration policies of Visegrad.

Onward V4! Stay strong and united.