V4 failure to support Poland against Tusk a mistake; they simply cannot afford to lose Poland ??

V4 failure to support Poland against Tusk a mistake; they simply cannot afford to lose Poland ??

Poland is upset and one cannot blame them. Their decision to oppose the election of Donald Tusk was not without merit. There is a history. It is quite obvious the EU has been at war with the government in Poland, trying to discredit and isolate them as “populists” and “renegades”. There has been the threat of sanctions and “suspending EU voting rights” over their internal disputes with the opposition in Poland.

That opposition just happens to be Tusk’s party, the Civic Platform. Will Tusk use his EU position to attack the ruling government and influence internal politics in Poland, as Brussels seeks more control over Nation States? Many think he already has. (Perhaps a better question is why Brussels has so much power to begin with.)

Another question being asked by many in Poland today: Where was the V4 support for such a reliable ally? This was a colossal mistake by the V4 not to support Poland on the issue of Tusk; one expected the feeble PM of Czech republic (Sobotka) to fold, but not Hungary and Slovakia. This decision not only showed disunity and weakness, but it will come back to bite them all later.

Donald Tusk continues to work against all in the V4 on the migrant quotas. He is just another “Yes-Man” for Angela Merkel and Germany inside the EU. Tusk continues to peddle the false “shared solidarity” slogan that would require the V4 to accept migrants, despite the reality that there was never any “European solidarity” to begin with on multiculturalism and mass Muslim migration. The V4 did not boast about “We can do it”, they did not surrender their borders for open entry, nor did they rollover like Sweden and Austria to accommodate Queen Merkel’s vision. The V4 wanted the borders secured and the migrants stopped from the beginning. Now Tusk and the EU want to blackmail Poland and others into accepting the quotas. This forced and artificial “relocation” solidarity will not happen.

While this writer has confidence in and will continue to fully support Hungary’s Viktor Orban (very hard to find fault with Orban; he has been the most reliable and outspoken defender of Europe and the Nation State – and will no doubt continue in this role), I respectfully believe he misses the point when labeling the Tusk battle as “not winnable”.

Consider the EU quota vote of 2015, when the V4 first opposed the unjust mandate. Was this “winnable”? It was not, but a greater showing of opposition would have helped delegitimize any pretense of “solidarity”.

What happened? The V4 was united going into that vote with the entire block promising a “NO” vote. However, in a last minute meeting behind closed doors with Tusk, the Civic Platform (Tusk’s Party which was the ruling government of Poland at the time) stabbed Orban and the V4 in the back when they suddenly reversed their vote to “YES” on the EU quotas.

Did Tusk not influence this decision with HIS party on the EU’s behalf? Would not have a “NO” vote from the entire V4 bloc, including its largest member, added more leverage to the fact that this was not really about EU solidarity? I believe PM Beata Szydlo and the new government in Poland have answered these questions.

Soon after taking power, they reversed the Civic Platform’s betrayal of Poland and the V4 by refusing to accept the mandated quotas. In other words, they not only backed Orban in his lonely fight against quotas, but they helped make his fight stronger. Today, others have joined the cause and quotas are all but an EU fantasy. Don’t tell me the fight does not matter in the long run; sometimes one must lose a battle in order to win the war.

Now, the EU has embarrassed the government in Poland as Juncker and Tusk mock them about “language they can understand”. The V4 left Poland to hang alone; for this, they will all pay the price. The media will use this not only to continue their venomous attacks on Poland, but to attempt to divide the V4 as well – to slowly deliver body blows to their once invincible unity.

The V4 did not think this through; they look weak now. Therefore, they must take four immediate steps to respond:

1. Must publicly announce that Tusk should not abuse his power at the EU to promote his agenda in Poland.

2. Proclaim their “line in the sand” on migrant quotas; they will not be forced or blackmailed into accepting them. It is best the EU “move on” to real solutions.

3. Instead, the V4 and other states will provide troops, cash, and equipment to help Greece and Italy to seal the borders, deny entry, and to deport the migrants “outside of Europe”. Italy, especially, needs to “play ball” to allow others to help them. This “Open Entry-Wave Through” game must end.

4. The V4 will be united in vetoing any ridiculous EU sanctions on Poland.

This may have seemed like a small dispute to some, but both Poland and the EU know that the future stakes involved much more. The V4 has been stellar so far, but they cannot let their guard down – for they have a big target on their back.

But most of all, the V4 simply cannot afford to lose Poland ??