V4 Ministers United in Opposition to Permanent Mechanism to Relocate Migrants

V4 Ministers United in Opposition to Permanent Mechanism to Relocate Migrants

* Slovakia: V4 Interior Ministers warn that the introduction of a permanent mechanism similar to the mandatory quotas for redistribution of migrants across Europe may deepen and prolong the migrant crisis, the Slovak Interior Ministry said on Thursday.

Slovak Interior Minister Robert Kalinak said the redistribution programme was a failure because only 16 percent of the plan was met. “Apart from five countries, no other state has done its homework. This is why I do not understand the European Commission’s criticism of some V4 countries very much. Any punishments of the V4 countries are thus wrong,” he said.

** In his six-point plan outlined in 2015, George Soros said “the EU has to accept at least a million asylum-seekers annually for the foreseeable future”. Recently, the leaders of the EU decided to expand and enlarge the relocation scheme to include migrants from Niger, Chad, Libya, Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan. This is just the beginning.

This first wave will include 50,000 migrants. We fully expect this list and the numbers to expand rapidly in the future. Over 180,000 illegal migrants were granted entry to Italy this year alone and 600,000 over the last five years. Currently, there is no mechanism in place to deport the migrants back to Africa. With little, if any, action on deportation, one can conclude where the EU Ministers are heading next.

There have also been proposals by Germany and Brussels to bribe member states to accept new migrants by offering them 60,000 euros per migrant and to “harmonize upwards” the welfare benefits required by each state to be given to migrants. This is a major problem in a union with “free movement” and, in our opinion, can only lead to the break-up of the EU into regional coalitions.

The V4 and CEE states must continue to work together to resist and defy the agenda of Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and the Open Society crowd in Brussels. We are optimistic that the new coalition emerging in Austria will add strength to Visegrad’s resistance to the EU’s multicult manifesto.