The V4 Report: Our advice to Czech republic regarding EU threat over migrant quotas

The V4 Report:  Our advice to Czech republic regarding EU threat over migrant quotas

July 13, 2017

* Czech republic: Government to respond to EUCO over possible sanctions regarding the forced migrant quotas from Italy and Greece.

– The V4 Report does not believe the Czechs or any V4 nation has to apologize for or rationalize their defiance of Brussels on the migrant quotas. We find this EUCO interrogation process, where they treat the nation states as their subjects, somewhat juvenile and condescending.

– Nevertheless, the V4 Report will offer our advice to the Czech government. We believe it is a vital opportunity to send a strong message to Brussels for future reference. Here is a sample of what we believe needs communicated to EUCO:

Good morning, the Czech republic has a response to your inquiry, but it’s nothing new or fancy. We prefer straight talk.

We never agreed to the definition of solidarity forced on our nation by the unilateral actions of Angela Merkel and the leaders of Greece and Italy. The Czech republic and others were quite clear: We wanted the borders secured from the beginning and safe camps set up outside of Europe for the true refugees. From there, each nation could decide for themselves who and how many (if any) refugees were the right fit for their countries. We offered police and equipment to both Greece and Italy to help secure the borders, but they refused, arguing “their beliefs” centered around open entry, not sealing the border.

While we were powerless to stop Greece and Italy from “waving-through” mostly unknown males from violent regions, we were not without the tools and rights to implement the policies that the Czech republic, as a sovereign nation, believed best protected our nation and citizens. We believed the forced quotas from other countries exposed our people to the same type of attacks as seen in other Western European countries. Just as the leaders of Greece and Italy believed in “their definition” of humanity, we believed it was “our moral duty” to protect our citizens by rejecting their quotas. Are our beliefs considered second class in the EU?

In our opinion, migration policy is best left for the independent nation states to decide, not Brussels.
In the meantime, we have provided funds and equipment to the refugee camps outside of Europe and to local charities closer to their homes. We believe this is the best and most efficient way to assist the true refugees, as opposed to the mayhem and risks of open-borders and “relocation”. We do not believe “Solidarity” can be decided by a few and forced on all.

It was the leader of Germany who invited the migrants to her country, and the leaders of Italy and Greece who granted entry to aggressive young males from violent cultures, which also contained Islamic terrorists who openly declared Europe as their next Syria. We believed this was a reckless approach and wanted no part of it, as we continued to argue for sealed borders. Yet, our opinions were ridiculed and ignored. Solidarity would be defined by Berlin and Brussels.

Our first and most important priority is the protection of the Czech people from outside dangers. We will not expose them to the acts of terror and other attacks, including sexual assaults, that have occurred in Sweden, Germany, Austria and elsewhere in Western Europe for the sake of “EU Solidarity”.

We believe solidarity starts at the border. The Czech republic, V4 and other CEE nations have already helped secure Europe’s southern border to protect all Europeans. Our actions have also taken much pressure off both Germany and Greece. We remain willing and able to help the leaders of Italy secure their borders and to assist them in returning the migrants back to Africa, but we will not accept security risks from other nations who ignored our pleas. The Czech republic refuses to experiment with the safety of their citizens.

In conclusion, there was never any “European solidarity” for open-borders, mass Muslim migration or forced multiculturalism. On behalf of our citizens, we will not be accepting migrants or refugees from other nations against our will; nor will we be instructed by Dimitris Avramopoulos from Greece on how best to defend our people, our culture, and our nation.

This is where we stand as a nation. We will cooperate when merited, but we will defend our national interests when challenged……You (EUCO) can deal with it as you see fit.

Thank you for your time.