V4 Report: Austrians have sent a clear message; they want a conservative coalition. Let’s get on with it! OVP-FPO

V4 Report: Austrians have sent a clear message; they want a conservative coalition. Let’s get on with it!  OVP-FPO

* Austria: On Friday, Austria’s president Alexander Van der Bellen gave the authority to conservative leader Sebastian Kurz to form a government. Roadblocks remain.

In order to form a government, the OVP needs to build a coalition with either the SPO or the Freedom Party. We expect trouble and needless interference from a manipulative media and the leaders of Brussels. We would remind all that 58% of Austrians voted for a conservative coalition. Clearly, they wanted change and not the same establishment partnership of the past.

We have been clear in our position since April. We were extremely optimistic of a Kurz-FPO coalition from the start. We wrote, “We believe it will happen”. The V4 Report remains convinced that this will be the case, but as we wrote after the election results, “there remain roadblocks.”

** On Tuesday, we touched on one of our concerns that we knew would show its “dark side” after the results. The odious New York Times and other left-wing media outlets have begun a misleading campaign to slander the Freedom Party in an effort to intimidate Sebastian Kurz. In addition, although less direct, the leaders of the EU Core will also urge the young Kurz to reject the FPO in favor of another coalition with the “EU-obedient” socialists.

*** Many, including the V4 Report, supported the efforts of Sebastian Kurz and the FPO for months. We have confidence in Kurz and will continue to support him in his efforts to fulfill his pledges. It will not be easy but Austrians expect him to deliver on his campaign promises. We just do not believe this can happen under the banner of an OVP-SPO government.

We believe it would be impossible for the OVP to form a coalition with the SPO so long as Christian Kern remains their leader. We would not be surprised if Kern is forced to step-down from his leadership post in a last-stage attempt by the SPO to present themselves as a viable alternative. They are not. However, keep an eye on any leadership changes within the SPO and remember the name of Defense Minister Hans Peter Doskozil (SPO). Like most socialists, he is a disaster.

While the above scenario is highly improbable, the V4 Report believes it is best to keep one’s guard up. While we remain very positive, this battle is not over yet.

Congratulations Mr. Kurz, we wish you much strength and fortitude in your upcoming decision. Just ignore the empty noise of the New York Times…..everyone else does.

Austrians have sent a clear message they want a conservative government. This has been quite apparent since at least April. Let’s get on with it!

Onward OVP/FPO.