V4 Report: Brussels targets independence of Poland in attempt to weaken PiS

V4 Report: Brussels targets independence of Poland in attempt to weaken PiS

V4 Report: Brussels targets independence of Poland in attempt to weaken PiS based on very vague and arbitrary accusations. The intentions of Brussels are quite obvious as the political attacks become more brazen. Isn’t that right, Donald Tusk?

The V4 Report believes this type of political blackmail and vengeful behavior from Brussels will produce a severe blowback and further divide Europe.

An EU political opportunist with ties to Guy Verhofstadt’s radical ALDE Group wants to decide if Poland is upholding the rule of law. EU Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova (ANO ??) said on Wednesday that the EU’s executive was working on a way of making payouts of all EU funds conditional on member states having an efficient judicial system and upholding the rule of law.

Jourova, pictured below with George Soros and his son, has claimed on Twitter that “open society values are at the heart of EU action”. So EU “core values” are now defined by Open Society network?

However, Polish PM Morawiecki, who has much more depth and knowledge than Jourova, insists the particular elements of the entire reform will create a better judiciary system in Poland. Morawiecki said, “more independent, more objective, more reliable, more efficient and more transparent.” He added, “this is extremely important for me because I believe that the economic system and social system has to rely on efficient and independent judiciary system which was not the case so far. Our judiciary system was stemming from the post-communist times.”

A senior aide to the Polish president hit out at plans to make payouts of EU funds conditional on nation states upholding the rule of law.

Krzysztof Szczerski, an aide to Polish President Andrzej Duda, called the plans “absurd.”

Warsaw has clashed repeatedly with Brussels over sweeping changes to courts in Poland, which is a major recipient of European Union funds. (Please see chart below. It should be noted that Germany, among others, ends up benefing rather nicely from those investments. Like any wise investment, Europe earns a nice return from the initial money sent to Poland and all of Visegrad.)

Szczerski told Poland’s PAP news agency that an “attempt to tie payouts from the EU budget to political assessments and conditions other than objective indicators is inconsistent with the essence of the European Union’s cohesion policy.”

He added: “This proposal is so absurd that it could either be some sort of misunderstanding or a result of strong political pressure on the European Commission to seek money at all costs, including at the cost of violating the spirit of European law, in order to find means to solve problems which some EU countries have brought on us through political decisions in recent years.”

Frans Timmermans, a member of the European Socialists Party (PES), wants to declare that the rule of law in Poland is under threat. The move could pave the way for sanctions being imposed on Poland, for example suspending its voting rights in the European Union. But penalties on Warsaw would have to be backed unanimously by EU member states, while Hungary has said it would not support sanctions.

Poland’s governing Law and Justice (PiS) party has said sweeping changes are needed to reform an inefficient and sometimes corrupt judicial system tainted by the communist past, accusing judges of being an elite, self-serving clique often out of touch with the problems of ordinary citizens.

*** The V4 Report believes the Article7 procedure represents one of the two major battles (along with permanent migrant quotas) this year that will determine the ultimate direction of Europe.

If the EU succeeds, they will become more aggressive in their quest to create a “federal Europe” and to radically increase the power and scope of Brussels. On the other hand, if the nation states prevail, the credibility of Brussels will be severely damaged and the future will entail a “smaller” EU with more power directed back to where it belongs….with national governments and nation states.

Besides Hungary, others in Visegrad and Central-Eastern Europe must think long and hard regarding Article7 and the future implications. Tomorrow, they could be the next targets for EU “reprogramming”.

Support Poland and the sovereignty and independence of the European nation states.