v4 Report: Cyprus protests EU’s new migrant scheme.

v4 Report: Cyprus protests EU’s new migrant scheme.

v4 Report: Cyprus ?? protests EU’s new migrant scheme.

** Croatia ?? was included on the list as well. However, Croatians must never allow these “EU migrant centers” on their territory.

Cyprus has been included in a list of EU member states where so-called controlled centres could be located to process migrants and refugees disembarking on EU soil.

“Disembarking” is an EU phrase to softly describe illegal migration with the intent of normalizing the practice.

The processing facilities were mentioned as part of a ‘concept paper’ circulated by the Austrian EU presidency based on the conclusions of the June 28 European Council on migration.

According to the document, “to avoid unnecessary movements of people that “might be” returned and ensure immediate assistance to those just disembarked, such centres could be set up in Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Croatia, Greece, and Cyprus.”

*** This is an absolutely terrible idea and it will encourage more illegal migration. Any so-called EU “disembarked centers” must be set up “outside of Europe” or they will end up as “processing centers” with the intention of distributing the migrants across Europe.

We know how Brussels operates. Very few migrants are being deported outside of Europe. This would become their “feeder system” for endless migrant relocations across Europe.

Who is the EU trying to fool? Once the migrants make it to Europe, the EU has had absolutely no success at deporting them outside of Europe. The only way to halt the flow of migrants to Europe is a “no tolerance” approach at the border, which denies entry and quickly deports the migrants back to their countries of origin.

Once again, instead of stopping illegal migration at the point of entry, the EU wants to try to “manage” illegal migration AFTER entry. This is a recipe for disaster.