V4 Report: The Czech Republic and plenty of others have not ratified the Istanbul Convention

V4 Report: The Czech Republic and plenty of others have not ratified the Istanbul Convention

V4 Report: The Czech Republic ?? and plenty of others have not ratified the Istanbul Convention (IC), which includes the “gender ideology” pushed by the usual suspects in Brussels. States that have ratified the Convention are legally bound by its provisions once it enters into force.

The V4 Report has a feeling this may become an issue in the Czech Republic later in 2018. The EU will be applying the pressure and we would not trust the ANO Party.

– We obtained this photo of the EU signing of the IC in June of 2017. Of course, Czechs will be thrilled to see EU Minister Vera Jourova of the ANO Party pushing all the wonderful benefits of cultural Marxism. We all wish to be like Sweden, right?

Jourova is not exactly an intellectual giant and probably has no idea what she is signing, but she easily goes along with the standard EU protocol. After all, the ANO Party is aligned with Guy Verhofstadt’s radical ALDE Group, which promotes a Federal Europe.

– However, Jourova may be less extreme than the woman on her left, Anna Maria Corazza Bildt, a feminist MP from Sweden, which has already ratified the IC and introduced this absurdity of “gender ideology” in their schools. ( In Sweden’s Preschools, Boys Learn to Dance and Girls Learn to Yell. https://www.nytimes.com/…/sweden-gender-neutral-preschools.… )

Apparently, Mrs. Bildt feels the need to “enlighten” others about tolerant and progressive Sweden, which is notorious for “no-go zones”, hand grenades and sexual assaults.

The ironic part is a MP from Sweden giving advice on “protecting women.” This was the country that opened their borders to unknown, aggressive male migrants from violent and alien cultures who have quite a different view of women than the West. She may be the perfect example of hypocrisy, given how Sweden has exposed their own citizens.

The countries that have not ratified this convention should reject the advice of Sweden and Brussels. Moreover, the countries – specifically Poland (it was ratified under the government of Donald Tusk’s Party in 2015) – that have ratified the IC must enact legislation to withdraw from this unnecessary global treaty.

Protecting women from violence in Europe is vital and can be best achieved through national legislation, not via the extreme agenda of the radical feminists at the Council of Europe and some guys named Jean-Claude Frécon and Anders Samuelsen.

If Brussels is truly concerned about the security of Europeans, the may want to think about securing the borders, deporting the illegal migrants and realizing the fact that multicult has failed in Europe.

Jourova, Bildt and the EU Parliament do not have the moral authority to lead on this issue. Their “advice” must be defied.