V4 Report: Danish People’s Party warns of European Parliaments New Reforms on Migrant Quotas.

V4 Report: Danish People’s Party warns of European Parliaments New Reforms on Migrant Quotas.

Denmark: The Danish People’s party says the country should cancel its cooperation with the European Union’s “Dublin asylum agreement” if it is forced to accept relocated migrants.

“If the Dublin Regulation is to be changed, Denmark must decide whether we take the new Regulation or withdraw,” Vistisen said.

** More states are starting to question the wisdom of the EU’s relocation program. However, some in Brussels appear ready to apply more pressure in an attempt to force their extreme multicult manifesto on all.

The European Parliament has passed a new plan regarding asylum reform which includes mandatory migrant quotas for all EU states. The socialists of the European Parliament have proposed permanently resettling about 250,000 migrants per year to the EU. This is 250,000 “every year”!

The proposal contains a “blackmail option” which would allow the EU to withhold funds from states that refuse to host migrants. However, there are no penalties for nations that fail to secure the external border. In effect, Greece and Italy would indirectly determine the number of migrant quotas for every EU State, depending on how many migrants they decide to allow inside of Europe.

The EU Commission has proposed that migrants are to be redistributed automatically between EU states if some countries receive significantly more than their quota. The EU is trying to terminate the current Dublin rule which mandates that the first country – through which a migrant enters the EU – must handle his or her asylum request. States such as Italy, Greece and Spain want a scheme that would automatically relocate migrants to other EU states during periods of exceptionally high immigration. Yet, these Mediterranean States, who have been negligent at the border, have rejected the V4’s request to help them secure the border instead.

Central European countries such as Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic have refused to admit migrants, correctly pointing out that this would compromise national security and affect the traditional composition of their populations. Other CEE states like Slovakia and Croatia have accepted less than ten percent of their quotas.

*** We believe the EU Parliament’s new plan would be counterproductive, leaving the frontline states with little incentive to secure the borders. Instead of focusing on sealing the border, this plan relies on ongoing and endless migrant quotas. It sends another clear message for migrants worldwide to seek Europe.

The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland also want to opt out of accepting a mandatory number of migrants under this so-called reform. We suspect other nation states will soon follow. They see the disastrous results of “EU Solidarity” in Sweden and Austria and have no desire to follow this path.

Once again the EU is attempting to expand its power and scope over the European nation states. Visegrad must continue to resist and defy the “group think” of Brussels.

Onward V4! Stay strong and united.