V4 Report: Eurocrats and radical activist Guy Verhofstadt are “worried” about the elections in Italy

V4 Report:  Eurocrats and radical activist Guy Verhofstadt are “worried” about the elections in Italy

V4 Report: Eurocrats and radical activist Guy Verhofstadt are “worried” about the elections in Italy. The V4 Report is optimistic.

According to politico.eu, the polls don’t look good for supporters of the European Union. The largest single vote-winning party in the election is expected to be the Euroskeptic 5Star Movement, which has called for a referendum on Italy’s membership in the eurozone.

However, their support is likely to be surpassed by Berlusconi’s right-wing coalition, but few in Brussels will take comfort. The former prime minister’s largest partner is the conservative Northern League, which is a firm opponent of migration, a friend of Visegrad and a fierce proponent of defending the sovereignty and integrity of the nation state

Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s conservative coalition, whose partners include the conservative Northern League and Brothers of Italy, keeps on rising in the polls ahead of the March 4 vote.

Many Eurocrats remain worried. “A ruling coalition that includes the Northern League could put the rule of law at risk,” Guy Verhofstadt, the leader of the liberal ALDE group in the European Parliament, warned Tuesday. Did he actually say this?

Verhofstadt has become “unglued” and continues to launch political attacks against the nation states that refuse to genuflect at the altar of EU Solidarity. This is the danger of such a bloated and arrogant government body. They keep pushing for more control and broader powers.

Defeating the Article7 procedures directed at Poland is vital to stop the EU’s expansion into the affairs of sovereign nation states. Who will Verhofstadt and his loyal followers target next? Hungary? Austria? You?

We remain confident that Italians will provide a stinging rebuke to the ruling party of Matteo Renzi, which would be a devastating blow to both Emmanuel Macron and Brussels. Their efforts to expand the scope and power of the EU would continue to face increasing resistance.

** We do believe positive change is coming to Italy, however we just do not know what the new coalition will look like. Berlusconi may be good at putting together coalitions, but we believe he is too old and tainted to assume any leadership position.

The young and energetic Matteo Salvini of Lega Nord, who is an ally of Viktor Orban and Visegrad, is the best choice to stop the madness at the Italian border and to defend the sovereignty, integrity and culture of Italy.

Austria was the “game-changer” in 2017. Will Italy and Salvini stun and stagger Brussels in 2018?

Stay tuned!