V4 Report: German authorities have allowed Syrian bigamy

V4 Report: German authorities have allowed Syrian bigamy

V4 Report: German authorities have allowed Syrian bigamy; a migrant is allowed to bring a second wife to Germany. Sadly, the leaders of Germany have surrendered both their courage and culture.

The case is not unique, Berliner Zeitung wrote. In Pinneberg County, the authorities have allowed at least two men to bring their other wives.

** EU Core Values and “Cowardice Masquerading as Tolerance”. It is escalating. Aggressive Muslims continue to dominate passive Germans. The demands will only intensify in the future, absent any resistance.

The Muslim migrant came to the country in 2015, along with one wife and four children, currently living in Pinneberg (the state of Schleswig-Holstein).

The authorities have made a positive decision in “the interests of the children”, says Pinneberg County spokesman Oliver Carstens.

The activist Judge could have made a wiser decision if he had any courage, but this seems to be lacking in many today. Bigamy is against German law and the culture of West. If the Syrian migrant has no respect for the culture and laws of Germany, he should have been immediately deported and reunited with his second wife in Syria.

The father, according to the feeble Judge, needs not only the first four children with a woman living with him in Germany, but also four other offspring born to him with a second wife who did not originally arrive in Germany. He reasoned, or rationalized, that the family merger was “primarily for the well-being of children”.

Similarly, Social Democrat MEP Eva Högl said. “The German residence law explicitly forbids the arrival of other wives from polygamous marriages,” said MEP. An exception may be made in some individual cases in order to “prevent extraordinary harm”, for example if “children had to grow up in Germany without their biological mother”.

Again, in this case, family reunification must take place in Syria not Europe. There must be no tolerance on these issues.

Family reunification will turn out to be a circus in Germany, whose leaders are just too weak and beaten-down from decades of political correctness and cultural Marxism.


Sadly, we believe the leaders of Germany have surrendered.