V4 Report. “German-style” EU Solidarity: Whatever Angela Merkel desires at the moment.

V4 Report.  “German-style” EU Solidarity:  Whatever Angela Merkel desires at the moment.

V4 Report. “German-style” EU Solidarity: Whatever Angela Merkel desires at the moment.

Merkel hopes to force an agreement on a “common asylum system” by the end of June. It is one of “her priorities”; thus, she conveniently calls it “solidarity”.

Translated from Czech at novinky.cz

FYI: The European nation states must work to downsize the influence and scope of the EU by sending less money to Brussels. All should then expect EU cuts and much less from Brussels in the future, which is a positive for freedom, prosperity and independent thought. However, this budget process must not involve blackmail and extortion regarding migrant quotas.

Recalling that some EU states draw more than they contribute to supporting their economic growth, Germany, as one of the net contributors, is convinced that solidarity must be mutual.

Will Merkel deny that German and Western firms are not producing huge profits in the Visegrad region? Does this mean that German companies operating in Visegrad should mutually share their profits with the Czech Republic and others as well?

According to Merkel, the division of tasks in protecting the European Union’s external borders and combating the causes of migration works well. But the problems are, she says, in addressing the question of how to give refugees a temporary home.

Merkel sounds like she is campaigning again. The external border is not secure and the EU is promoting “permanent resettlement” programs….not “temporary homes”. EU Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos went as far to say that Europe’s migrants are here to stay.

In addition, it was Merkel who initiated and expanded the crisis, while Italy and Greece forgot about their “divisions of labor” at the border. As a result, all three countries are ready to explode as tensions between the Muslim migrants and natives intensify.

There was never any European solidarity for this. In the end, Visegrad and others must be prepared to defy Berlin and Brussels, regardless of the cost.

If Merkel and her court in Brussels insist on resettlement and permanent migrant quotas, the project will eventually collapse. National security is not something Visegrad will sacrifice at the altar of EU solidarity on migration.