V4 Report: V4 Report: Germany ????: Merkel slaps down Seehofer on migration.

V4 Report: V4 Report: Germany ????: Merkel slaps down Seehofer on migration.

V4 Report: Germany ????: Merkel slaps down Seehofer on migration. Again? “Sisterhood” at its finest in Germany. These two have perfected the “political show” in Germany for their own benefit.

** Horst Seehofer said Islam is incompatible with German values. It must be election time in Bavaria. A few years ago, this statement may have given hope to some that Germany was about to change. Unfortunately, Seehofer and the CSU have little credibility left and are all talk and no action. They have been a major disappointment.

Hours after the remark by Seehofer, Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert said: “Our historical background is naturally Christian, Jewish. But taking into consideration our values and legal system, Islam is also part of Germany.”

*** Bavaria holds a regional election in October, and the AfD is predicted to enter the state assembly for the first time. Seehofer’s CSU, sister party to Merkel’s Christian Democrats, is seeking to rebuild itself after a disappointing result in September’s general election. The CDU/CSU bloc’s support fell by about 8 percentage points from the 2013 election, with much of the fall attributed to the rise of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD).

The Interior minister Seehofer (CSU) knows how to “play the game” while masquerading as the “conservative opposition” to Merkel. Seehofer talks tough before the elections in Bavaria, but will achieve very little in order to protect his seat of power.

Seehofer also explained how he was going to implement a “master plan for quicker deportations.” One of the ideas is to widen the list of “safe” countries of origin to facilitate more deportations of failed asylum seekers.

While we wholeheartedly agree with the statement, this has been tried in Germany before, but has run into various roadblocks as Seehofer himself explained months ago: “almost impossible to send back migrants once they are in the country. I say this having a nine-year experience as [Bavaria’s] prime minister,” Seehofer told German magazine Focus.

“A great illusion prevails in Germany when it comes to the issue of deportations. There’s a bulk of lawsuits in courts challenging deportations,” the Bavarian premier explained. “In most cases, [refugees have] no ID documents, without which the home countries refused to take them back.”

“Others have put down roots here or found a sponsor who secures their stay here,” he went on. “That’s the reality in the Germany of 2017.”

**** The CSU – Merkel’s sister Party – has enabled the Chancellor for years. They are part of the problem in Germany, not the solution.

The same can be said for Manfred Weber (CSU) the leader of the EPP in the EU Parliament. Although few have heard of Weber, he is some type of “power broker” in Brussels and has every interest in expanding the scope and power of the EU.

In the end, Seehofer will submit to Merkel in order to keep the coalition in power.