V4 Report: Here we go again. The systematically transfer of migrants from Africa to Europe continues.

V4 Report:  Here we go again. The systematically transfer of migrants from Africa to Europe continues.

V4 Report: Here we go again. The systematically transfer of migrants from Africa to Europe continues. This practice is fully supported by Brussels and Berlin, as per their actions with the NGOs and goals they established at the Malta Summit in early 2017.

Clearly, just as Migration Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos declared months ago, the EU is trying to commit Europe to mass migration.

It’s time to ignore the naive and outdated “conventions” of the past that now hold nation states hostage to the mafia syndicate, human smugglers, open-border Marxists and the illegal migrants themselves. In all reality, they are toothless.

The USA ?? and Hungary ?? were correct to pull out of the most recent UN migration manifesto. More need to follow their lead. This is about national security, not the unrealistic demands and multicult experiments of international bureaucrats.

** Italy ?? and Malta ?? on Sunday voiced a controversy over which of these countries should accept a ship with 177 migrants aboard, which is waiting for the third day for further instructions on the Italian island of Lampedusa.

This will go on forever if not stopped now. Both countries should not fall for this trap and must deny entry, or the NGOs and others will continue to control their borders. It’s time to end this charade of what amounts to human smuggling; Europe has had enough.

– Interior Minister Matteo Salvini demanded that other European countries take in the migrants after his Maltese counterpart, Michael Farrugia, insisted that the “only solution” is for the Diciotti ship to dock at the Italian island of Lampedusa.

In a tweet Sunday, Farrugia accused Italy of rescuing the migrants in Maltese waters “purely to prevent them from entering Italian waters.”

Salvini, who has refused to allow aid groups to dock in Italy, shot back: “Or Europe decides to help Italy concretely, starting with the 180-odd migrants aboard the Diciotti, or we’ll be forced to do what will definitively stop the smugglers’ business: bring the people recovered at sea to a Libyan port,” the ANSA news agency quoted him as saying.

While Italy must not grant entry, we believe it would be unwise in the long term for Salvini to suggest that these migrants could go elsewhere in Europe, instead of returning them to Africa, which is clearly Salvini’s first preference. We believe it is best for Salvini to keep focused solely on Africa, despite the toothless “legal threats” from international circles that can do little to prevent a nation from securing its territory.

Salvini must realize that his allies are in Visegrad, Austria and other CEE states. They will need each other and must stay united to win this battle. Any initiatives designed for others in Europe to take in these migrants could create unnecessary divisions on this issue, which Brussels will take full advantage of to try to divide this alliance.

*** This battle cannot be won by trying to manage illegal migration after entry. This is the strategy of Brussels. Salvini, Kurz and Orban must not divert from their strategy of stopping illegal migration at the point of entry and returning the migrants back to where they came from.

Anything less plays into the hands of Angela Merkel and Brussels. It is quite apparent that they believe that once the migrants enter EU territory that they are here to stay. If this occurs, one can expect an endless array of creative “EU solutions” to relocate the migrants across the bloc.

While we support a permanent mechanism to deport the illegal migrants, at this point, we have absolutely no confidence in Europe to follow through.

As a result, we think the choice is clear: Either the focus must be on sealing the border and denying entry at the source…or Europe will eventually have to live with the consequences of mass migration.