V4 Report: Italy: EU Justice Minister and Open Society

V4 Report: Italy: EU Justice Minister and Open Society

V4 Report: Italy: EU Justice Minister and Open Society “cheerleader” Vera Jourova (??) cries “foul” and tries to silence Matteo Salvini over his post regarding aggressive male migrants from North Africa – who apparently trapped, molested and harassed a 13-year-old girl in Venice.

** The EU is establishing a new strategy for debate by trying to silence those who oppose their multicult manifesto. The statement from Jourova to have Salvini’s tweets “erased” was deplorable and reveals the true “values” and mentalities of the Society of Brussels.

Vera Jourova believes a tweet by Lega Nord leader Matteo Salvini should have been “canceled within twenty-four hours,” in a very embarrassing attempt to intimidate others into silence and suppress negative news regarding some migrants – who had harassed a child in Venice.

Jourova – pictured below with George Soros and his son – once tweeted that “Open Society values are at the heart of EU action.” She is also a member of Guy Verhofstadt’s ALDE Party, a radical group of EU federalists.

– At the center of a post revolving around an episode of crime in Venice, Salvini responded to news of a child who had been molested by a group of migrants. The Northern League leader wrote: “Little more than a child, right in the center of Venice. Now it is hunting a group of North Africans. I hope they take them, I would give them to parents … Enough! ”

Jourova, who is not well-known for deep thoughts, said, “A tweet like that can incite violence”. Jourova continued her rambling, saying it is necessary “to make a case by case assessment if a message falls within the definition of prohibited speeches of hate…..if it has the potential to incite violence in real life”.

“Real life”, Miss Jourova, is a group of migrants harassing a child. This was a hideous incident that must be dealt with seriously, not something that deserves to be covered-up.

Jourova continued her meltdown, “In the case of the Salvini tweet of January 18, someone should have evaluated and should evaluate whether these messages fall under these conditions or not. If these conditions are met, these messages must be deleted within twenty-four hours”.

Who does Jourova want to punish for this incident? The migrants who allegedly molested a 13 year-old girl or Salvini for his opinion?

The final assessment (but personal) of the European Commissioner is that “a message, in which an appeal is made to hunt for people, can incite violence because” – she finally concluded – “hunt people is something very brutal and can fall within these parameters.” Wow ?.

Where does the EU find such misguided clerks such as Jourova, who has also unjustly attacked both Hungary and Poland over their perceived lack of solidarity regarding EU “core values” – which seem more concerned with protecting the reputation of aggressive male migrants who “prey” on children rather than safeguarding the well-being and lives of Europeans.

Jourova is a hypocrite and should be embarrassed, but some EU opportunists have no shame. This is the culture of Brussels.

The problem in Europe is not Hungary or Poland but the warped “core values” of bottom-shelf EU bureaucrats roaming the halls of Brussels. They do not have moral authority to lead Europe.

Salvini is correct…..Enough!