V4 Report: Italy: Matteo Salvini accuses Spain

V4 Report: Italy: Matteo Salvini accuses Spain

V4 Report: Italy ??: Matteo Salvini accuses Spain ?? of encouraging “out-of-control” immigration. Salvini is right on target. This is exactly what Spain is doing.

Somebody needed to openly challenge Spain. Good for Matteo Salvini. The leaders of Spain are “out of control” and negligently exposing the security of all in Europe with their reckless policies at the border.

– Italy’s interior minister, Matteo Salvini, has accused Spain of “encouraging out-of-control immigration.”

“We will not respond to insults from a government and a minister who favor out-of-control immigration,” said Salvini in statements to the Italian television station RAI, the news agency Europa Press reported.

Salvini added, “Our concern is for the security, culture and identity of the European people.”

Salvini’s counterpunch came after Spain’s foreign minister, Josep Borrell, gave an interview to the German daily Handelsblatt in which he shamelessly accused Italy of implementing an immigration policy that harms other EU member states.

– Let’s be clear. One can see what is occurring in Spain. It is an abomination. They have surrendered the borders and now want to remove the barbed wire fences at the border. They are encouraging mass illegal migration (overwhelmingly aggressive male migrants) which harms other European nation states. Others must not be held hostage by their extreme left-wing ideology or multicult manifesto.

We would encourage Visegrad, Austria and the CEE nation states to support Salvini. The leaders of Spain and Brussels already have “relocation” on their agenda. We don’t often agree with Germany, but they should secure their borders from this new potential migrant route. It may encourage France and Switzerland to do the same.

At this point, others must seal-off Spain to send them a strong message: Either assume the responsibility of securing your borders (like Salvini) or you will soon find yourselves swamped.

Now is not the time for “socialist fantasies”.