V4 Report: Macron to ask U.K. To Take In More Calais Migrants

V4 Report: Macron to ask U.K. To Take In More Calais Migrants

V4 Report: French President Emmanuel Macron is preparing to tell the UK that he wants their country to take-in more migrants (who are overwhelming aggressive young males) from Calais and to contribute more funds for border control.

Macron is pushing for what he regards to be a “certain number of improvements from the UK”. We suggest Macron first focus on cleaning up the “NoGoZones” terrorizing his own country before lecturing others on “improvements”.

Macron is trying to establish himself as the EU’s future hope, but he is not a natural leader and commands little respect outside of France and Brussels. Macron comes across as “small” and clearly lacks the necessities required of a strong and effective leader. He seems to be “all talk” and has a troubling habit of changing his message depending on his audience.

Macron had tried to isolate the leaders of Hungary and Poland last summer by appealing to the socialist leaders of Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. However, two of those three leaders have been repudiated and the third (Fico) has little influence in the region. The “socialist triangle” envisioned by some anti-V4 “think tanks” is dead. Meanwhile, the governments of Budapest and Warsaw have only become stronger since Macron’s attempt to divide the region.

In fact, given Macron’s recent tough talk regarding migration, he seems to be following the lead of Visegrad and Austria’s new government led by Sebastian Kurz. It was supposed to work the other way, correct?

Nevertheless, Macron changes with the wind and cannot be trusted. This week, he was shamelessly criticizing his own police regarding the treatment of violent migrants, who enjoy roaming Europe and erecting barricades on highways. We find Macron’s words repulsive and insensitive to the men and women who risk their lives every day defending the citizens of France.

The police in France are already demoralized; Macron must support them, instead of engaging in reckless distortions that only gives credibility to the far-left extremists who unjustly demonize law enforcement.

** It will take more than talk to clean-up Calais…..it will also require a stronger leader than Macron.

Macron to ‘demand UK take in more Calais migrants, up money for border checks’