V4 Report: Migrant controversy in Croatia?

V4 Report: Migrant controversy in Croatia?

V4 Report: Migrant controversy in Croatia?

Interior Minister Davor Božinović denied allegations coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina that there are about eight thousand migrants in Croatia.

Božinović responded that the number of migrants caught trespassing the entire border, including the border with Serbia, has amounted to 3,200 so far this year.

According to Total Croatia News, when asked to comment on claims by residents in Drežnica (about 150 kilometres southeast of the capital Zagreb) that they are frequently seeing migrants, Božinović said that the police were stopping migrants at the border and that there were several ‘rings’ being monitored and have led to arrests of people smugglers.

– We are not sure the question was answered, unless one can be sure all the migrants were “caught”. However, we would be surprised (and alarmed) if 4,800 illegal immigrants were roaming Croatia. Maybe some of our Croatian readers can provide us with a clearer picture of the situation.

One thing does alarm us: the Croatian government seems to place too much trust in “EU institutions”, which have not only proven useless (Frontex) but have exacerbated the crisis.

Božinović tried to claim that “the only way to decrease the flow of migrants along the route from Greece across Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina was via diplomatic channels and ‘EU institutions’ and that is what we are doing.”

Just how many of those Frontex agents are denying entry at the source or detaining the illegals that must be deported? Counting and trying to manage illegal migration or futile EU policies designed to encourage “relocation” does nothing to “decrease the flow”.

In the past, several Central European countries worked together to decrease the flow, but their initial efforts were opposed by Brussels and Angela Merkel, who described the first Balkan closing as “not my Europe”.

– Since the leaders of Greece refuse to deny entry or to send “all irregulars” back to Turkey, border controls coordinated by the various nation states would be beneficial to “sealing-off” Greece to prevent the migrants from moving on.

However, if Božinović and Andrej Plenkovic are waiting for “EU Institutions” to accomplish this, they may be better off waiting for the EU “fairy godmother” to appear.