V4 Report: Migration fears dominate Czech election; “pro-Merkel ”cabal operating in Prague still cannot grasp reality.

V4 Report: Migration fears dominate Czech election; “pro-Merkel ”cabal operating in Prague still cannot grasp reality.

* Czech Republic: Migration fears dominate Czech election campaign. The international media and “pro-Merkel” cabal operating in Prague still cannot grasp reality.

** We believe this article from Yahoo is weak, but posted it for a specific reason. While the Czechs are adamantly opposed to the EU’s mass migration agenda, many in the Prague media would prefer to distance themselves from the V4 in order to embrace Angela Merkel and “EU Solidarity”. They may want to ask themselves how well that worked out for Sweden and Austria.

We have heard the whining over and over again from a clueless media: “Migration has become a key campaign issue in the Czech Republic despite the marked absence of migrants and refugees.”

They even quote the same “pro-Berlin” journalist, who repeats the same thing every time. “This has little to do with a real problem, because there is really no migration here,” Jiri Pehe, an independent political analyst, told AFP.

“Parties have merely found out that the migration, terrorism, Islam threats work so they are using them,” he said.

Most Czechs probably don’t even know who Pehe is, but they do understand the cultural clashes erupting on the streets of Germany and Western Europe. They are rightly concerned over the increase in crime committed by the migrants right next door in Austria.

*** Pehe and others need a dose of reality. The Czechs see the mayhem and carnage in the cities of Western Europe, where they actually have a lot of migrants and immigrants. Czechs simply have no desire for the multicult way of life of France or the “No-Go-Zones” of Belgium.

The Czechs possess something Pehe and others lack: a sense of reality and a common sense. They understand perfectly well that once flooded with migrants, like Sweden and France, it is already too late.

The Czech nation and the V4 have been proven correct. Preventive action is the best defense. Onward V4!