V4 Report: Migration Minister says “Croatia Will Decide Who to Allow into Its Territory.”

V4 Report: Migration Minister says “Croatia Will Decide Who to Allow into Its Territory.”

V4 Report: Migration Minister says “Croatia Will Decide Who to Allow into Its Territory.”

We agree with the Minister, yet PM Andrej Plenković remains an obstacle, which is not surprising considering his ties to Brussels. He also remains somewhat intimidated by Berlin, but we hope this will change with Merkel’s clout severely weakened.

Croatia’s Minister of the Interior Davor Božinović, speaking at an informal meeting of the EU Justice and Home Affairs Council in Sofia on Thursday, said that every country had a sovereign right to protect its borders and decide who to allow into its territory.

According to total-croatia-news.com, Croatia supports the reform of the CEAS, as well as of the Dublin Regulation, but the member states should not be overburdened with the redistribution of asylum seekers, and solidarity should be within the capabilities of each member state, Božinović said according to a press release from the Ministry of the Interior.

While we agree with the Minister on migrant quotas, Croatia still seems to be wavering somewhat on migration. Božinović also stressed the need for “good migration policies in order to make migration safe and well managed and to reduce human trafficking and migrant smuggling”. He said that at this point he agreed that “relocation and resettlement” were legal avenues for migration.

We disagree. Relocation and resettlement have been a disaster for Europe and we believe supporting the true refugees is most efficient and productive in their countries of origin. The statement above sounds as if it was taken directly from Brussels, where the goal is not to reduce migration, but to “manage it” by “changing the method of transfer”. In other words, turning illegal migration into legal migration.

We believe Božnović needs to clarify his position. What are his thoughts on the current plan of the EU to include new migrants under the relocation scheme that would be transported directly from countries in Africa to Europe? Is this not managing migration? Managing migration has not worked and is eventually doomed for failure.

In addition, although we believe Croatia is now securing their border effectively, Božnović said that an additional 42 Syrian refugees were being relocated from Turkey to Croatia today.

Did PM Plenković or the EU send back 42 Syrian migrants to Turkey today “as pledged” under the deal with Erdogan that requires a “1 for 1” swap of Syrians? We highly doubt it, the flow has been virtually all “one way” (to the EU only). Moreover, “all” non-Syrian irregulars are to be sent back to Turkey with no corresponding migrant swap to Europe. How is Greece handling this? They are not.

We do believe Croatia will oppose mandatory migrant quotas this time around (now that Visegrad has made it easier to oppose) but – from the above statement – we are less confident they will oppose the plans of EU Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos to “commit” Europe to mass migration. Unfortunately, Plenković was trained in Brussels and is too eager to please Berlin. We would like to see him defeated in the next election.

However, we highly doubt their current balancing act is sustainable. Croatia can choose freely to decide who they accept, if this is their prerogative. However, as long as nation states continue to accept EU migrant quotas, the EU will keep finding creative ways to increase the supply. This is how it works in Brussels.