V4 Report: Spain and “EU solidarity”: Migrant mafias charging €18 for a chance to jump the border fence.

V4 Report: Spain and “EU solidarity”: Migrant mafias charging €18 for a chance to jump the border fence.

V4 Report: Spain ?? and “EU solidarity”: Migrant mafias charging €18 for a chance to jump the border fence.

A confidential report put together by the Civil Guard reveals how gangs are organized around Spain’s North African exclave cities Ceuta and Melilla.

That the Spanish government, the Council of Europe and EU officials in Brussels tolerate this type of activity is an abomination and reveals the depths of their cowardice.

– These mafia gangs are quite organized. According to the report, this fee allows the migrant to form part of a group under the protection of mafias. These groups are led by a so-called “president,” who works alongside a “prime minister” and various “officials,” according to the mafia terminology.

Gang leaders are responsible for collecting money and resolving conflicts between migrants – using punishments such as being banned from the next crossing attempt into Spain – to maintain order.

The mafia decides the day, time and exact point on the border for the coordinated jump. Before the attempt, the groups send out scouts to “inspect the area and collect updated information on the security measures implemented by the Moroccan and Spanish security forces,” the report says.

Once the day has been set, the mafias round up the migrants and take away their cellphones, which are not returned until they are close to the border fence. When the moment arrives, the officials lead the group to the chosen point and give instructions on how to intimidate the police by shouting and throwing items such as rocks, sticks, feces, battery acid and quicklime.

** This also reveals the agenda of the activist judges at the so-called European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg, whose rulings to punish Spain in a case over two express deportations carried out under the former Popular Party (PP) only encourages and enables the mafia smuggling gangs to continue their attacks on Europe.

However, this is a national security issue and these migrants must be sent back immediately after illegally violating Spain’s territory and assaulting its borders guards. This is an invasion directed by the mafia and Spain must be able to protect its people.

The ECHR, in our opinion, must be ignored. Without the broad support of Europe, it really has no effective ways to enforce its judgements. In fact, today, many of their “judgements” are just ignored. It is just another layer of opportunists seeking to feed off the system while pushing their personal ideologies that hold the European nation states hostage to their activism.

We also feel that it’s time to challenge the far-left Council of Europe (COE), whose Commissioner for Human Rights is none other than Nils Muiznieks, another Berkeley-educated political radical. Prior to his appointment as Commissioner for Human Rights, he held the post of Programme Director at the Soros Foundation. The COE is the same organization pushing the Istanbul Convention with all the “gender theory” nonsense.

*** What has happened to Europe and how did it allow itself to be held hostage by all these extremists in various global institutions? It seems Europe is in need of an “extreme makeover”.