V4 Report: Spain : Government sends 116 migrants who jumped border fence back to Morocco.

V4 Report: Spain : Government sends 116 migrants who jumped border fence back to Morocco.

V4 Report: Spain ??: Government sends 116 migrants who jumped border fence back to Morocco.

This is getting interesting, but it only involves 116 of the 3800+ migrants (3%) who violated Spain’s territory via the Moroccan border this year.

The V4 Report still favors the so-called “hot deportations”…a national security measure where illegal migrants are instantly “pulled-back” into Moroccan territory immediately after crossing the border.

This is the most efficient and direct method, plus it avoids EU bureaucrats or the real possibilities that the migrants will vanish before they are deported. Moreover, it would send a strong message to others that Europe’s borders are closed.

** Around 300 migrants rushed the border in Ceuta on Wednesday, using shears to cut the fence and throwing “quicklime, battery acid and feces” at officers. Seven police officers attacked by the illegal migrants suffered severe burns. Yet, most of these criminals can now apply for asylum. Of course, the usual agitators, like Amnesty International, are already in Spain stirring up trouble.

The immediate deportations of 116 illegal migrants was based on an agreement that Spain and Morocco signed in 1992 on the readmission of foreigners who illegally enter Spanish territory. In the document, Morocco agreed to readmit nationals from third countries who enter Spain illegally, if there is a “formal request from [Spanish] authorities.”

In other words, the non-Moroccans can be deported immediately to Morocco if the Spanish government requests it.

*** Interior Ministry sources also admitted that the border entry on Wednesday was “illegal and violent.” Will the Ministry also admit that Spain’s border surrender undermines security for all Europeans?

We believe granting entry to illegal migrants in Europe – whether by sea or land – only exacerbates the crisis. While there is an obligation to bring to safety those legitimately “rescued” at sea, there is absolutely no requirement for a European nation state to grant entry afterwards.

A safe place can be a port in Africa or elsewhere, and even a safe ship or camp for the migrants outside of Europe. Whatever the final destination, there is no obligation to “grant entry” to Europe after rescue.

As Australia ?? has proven, the migrant demand for the “taxi services” to Europe operated by the human smugglers and NGO cartels would quickly dry up once the migrants realized that European ports were closed.

**** The surprise move by Spain shocked the once-confident and arrogant gang of migrants, who were openly mocking Spanish authorities a few days ago. Sources in Spain said it caused “a mass” of migrants in the local Temporary Immigration Detention Center (CETI) to flee due to fears they were about to be sent back to Morocco.

That’s not much of a “detention center” if the migrants can flee the compound.

So far, the deportations have only involved the migrants who arrived in Ceuta on Wednesday, but there are more than 1,000 people in the CETI (which has a capacity for just 512), the majority of whom arrived by jumping over the border.

They, including the migrants from Morocco, will need to be sent back immediately to send the correct message to the migrants and NGOs that Europe will no longer serve as Africa’s “dumping ground” for illegal migration.