V4 Report: Sweden: Anti-Mass Migration Sweden Democrats Polling First Among Young Voters.

V4 Report: Sweden: Anti-Mass Migration Sweden Democrats Polling First Among Young Voters.

V4 Report: Sweden ??: Anti-Mass Migration Sweden Democrats Polling First Among Young Voters.

However, this is not the only good news. The Sweden Democrats are also polling very well overall and could provide the next shock to Brussels, which appears to be melting down.

It is no longer just Visegrad rebelling against the multicult agenda of Brussels and the Open Society cartel. Europeans appear to have had enough of Frans Timmermans and Dimitris Avramopoulos.

– Jimmie Akesson, the leader of the Sweden Democrats, is poised to become a power-broker after the election in September, with his party potentially winning 20% or more of the vote. He has benefited from a wave of anti-immigration sentiment since first entering parliament in 2010.

“I think that’s very good,” he said. “I also think that this in some way will be the downfall of EU. I’m not at all sure that EU will exist in this form in 10 years.”

– The anti-mass migration Sweden Democrats (SD) are now the number one party for Swedes aged 18 to 34, according to a newly released poll following a populist voting trend among young people across Europe, including Italy.

In other age groups, the anti-mass migration party also performed well, including the over 55 age bracket in which the party polled at 24%, just behind the ruling Social Democrats.

Some of the support may come from the increasing number of Swedish pensioners finding themselves homeless due to the shortage of housing as a result of the massive migrant influx in 2015.

– Åkesson, leader of the SD, has been a vocal critic of the government’s mass migration and integration policies, promising to secure the borders and force the migration board to focus on deporting failed asylum seekers and illegal migrants.

“It is perhaps the most important integration policy measure at the moment, that anyone who doesn’t need protection, who should not be here, will be returned as soon as possible,” Åkesson said.

Åkesson also criticized the claims of Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, who denied the existence of no-go zones on a trip to the U.S.

“We have re-occurring incidences of cancelled bus lines in fear of entering certain immigrant heavy areas, frequent attacks on emergency vehicles, oftentimes lured in there by fake 911 calls for the sole purpose of attacking the emergency personnel, and even reluctance in simple services such as delivering mail or investigating illegal television/cable services,” he said.

“In some areas self-appointed sharia police patrol the streets enforcing dress-code rules and proper Islamic behaviours,” Åkesson added.

*** After admittedly giving up on Sweden, the V4 Report now sees some “light at the end of the tunnel”. The current leadership has not only failed its citizens, but contains many far-left extremists in the EU Parliament who are focused on forcing their multicult agenda on others in Central Europe.

If Brussels cannot even hold Sweden, the EU as we know it may be finished….and they have no one else to blame but themselves.