V4 Report: A town in Germany is “overwhelmed with migrants” and wants no more

V4 Report: A town in Germany is “overwhelmed with migrants” and wants no more

V4 Report: A town in Germany is “overwhelmed with migrants” and wants no more, demanding a freeze on new migrants from February 1 to December 31, 2019. Is this the new normal in Germany?

While the Central European Defence Cooperation (the four Visegrad states, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia) and Macedonia have effectively closed the Balkan route from Greece, the migrants are apparently still pouring into Germany from Italy and Spain. Plus there is the looming threat of “family reunification”, in which the EU Parliament is debating an amendment that would consider a mere “reference to a family connection” for qualification.

The Saxon town is not able to take care of the migrants it has been allocated and fears tensions between locals and migrants could escalate into clashes, as happened in Chotěbuzi, Brandenburg.

According to the V4 Report, around two thousand migrants live in the city, equivalent to 20% of the population.

The mayor recalls that about 80% of migrant children do not go to kindergarten and their attendance at school will be complicated; they will not be able to cope with German. Problems are also experienced with social workers and women, who are not respected by the migrants.

While the numbers of migrants have decreased since the massive influx of 2015, a major problem is possible with family reunification. A further 100-200,000 family members could come to the country, according to estimates from the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Recently, migrants have started to arrive in Germany from either Spain or Italy . In addition, the Social Democrats (SPD) disagree with the introduction of a migrant cap and will reopen this issue during the talks with the CDU / CSU on the new coalition government.

The V4 Report is unsure if change will ever occur in Germany. We hope so but remain concerned the migrant mayhem of Germany may spill over to others in Europe. The best long-term solution is to drain and weaken the powers of the EU, which enables Germany to project its influence across Europe.

In the meantime, Visegrad and others must continue to reject and defy Brussels regarding mandatory migrant quotas. Additional internal borders may also need sealed, similar to the actions taken by the nation states to secure the Balkan route. We believe this is the only viable solution to force Italy and Spain to seal the external borders.

Instead of just playing defense, the leaders of Visegrad should also introduce measures to create a permanent and ongoing deportation mechanism. Family reunification should be accomplished in the countries of origin, not Europe.