V4 Report. Viktor Orban responds: The government doesn’t let in migrants, only refugees

V4 Report.  Viktor Orban responds:  The government doesn’t let in migrants, only refugees

V4 Report: Viktor Orban responds: The government doesn’t let in migrants, only refugees.

The Hungarian government never accepted the European Union’s rules on migrant quotas, and therefore “no one can demand themselves any rights based on those” in Hungary, the prime minister stressed.

But he admitted – referring to the 1,300 refugees admitted by Hungary last year – that Hungary complies with international treaties on asylum that have been recognised by the country’s legal system, adding that if someone is in need of international protection, Hungary will provide them with “temporary” protection.

Orban said that these people differ from the illegal migrants who ran over the border, because they “knocked on the door” seeking protection, adding that most of them are unaccompanied children and women.

If they are indeed in need of protection, Hungary will grant that on a temporary basis. But once they no longer require protection, they need to go back to the country they came from, Orban insisted, adding that they would never become Hungarian citizens.

Currently, there are 491 asylum seekers in the country, Orban added.

Bottom line: We think this controversy was manufactured by a manipulative media and a desperate opposition. Hungary never said they would reject every asylum seeker. In fact, they were quite public a few months ago about offering an Iraqi Christian protection after it was alleged that Sweden was about to deport her.

The main point: Hungary, and not Brussels, will decide who and how many they accept. The refugees in question did not come from any EU quota scheme. If Hungary decides to offer “temporary” protection to legitimate refugees, this is their choice.

Viktor Orban has been rock solid regarding migration. He was a lonely voice early on when he first challenged Angela Merkel regarding migration. Today, thanks in large part to Orban and Hungary, the entire debate on migration has changed inside of Europe.

To question Orban’s anti-migrant credentials is a desperate reach by his critics. In fact, the V4 Report would like to know where we can find more “Viktor Orbans” inside of Europe?

We believe a little perspective is needed. Without Viktor Orban, Angela Merkel more than likely would have achieved her goal of unlimited migration and a permanent EU relocation mechanism.

The growing mainstream rebellion that has risen in defiance of Angela Merkel and the EU would not be where it is today without the initial courage of Viktor Orban and the citizens of Hungary to challenge the Eurocrats in Brussels.

Well done Hungary, well done!