V4Report: EU’s Nils Muiznieks, a Soros ally, threatens to sabotage Italy’s recent venture to stop the migrants from leaving Libya.

V4Report: EU’s Nils Muiznieks, a Soros ally, threatens to sabotage Italy’s recent venture to stop the migrants from leaving Libya.

* Italy seeks EU’s help on migrants. However, the Council of Europe’s commissioner for human rights Nils Muiznieks, who formerly held a post at Soros Foundation/Latvia, threatens to sabotage Italy’s recent venture to stop the migrants from leaving Libya.

– We know this Muiznieks well. Like most EU Commissioners, he is a major problem and obstacle.

** We have major disagreements with the government of Italy regarding migrant quotas and border security. The V4 Report has been a fierce critic regarding the open-door policy of Matteo Renzi and Paolo Gentiloni. One can find plenty of articles we wrote regarding their negligence at the border (not Italians, who elected neither as PM and suffer as well). However, while we believe it is imperative for Italians to boot Gentiloni from office in 2018, this post will focus on another initiative that we believe is working.

1. In July, the government of Italy, although they will not officially confirm it, partnered with a “group” in Libya to help prevent the migrants from leaving the coast. (We posted this information in August and will immediately repost the article that describes the details).

While the EU’s disastrous policy based on “rescue and relocation” only increased the flows (see data from first six months of 2017), Italy’s new “unofficial partners” in Libya are having some success. It may not have been “UN or politically correct” but it significantly reduced the migrant flow. The recorded arrivals on Italy’s shores had been rising until July 2017, when they suddenly dropped dramatically.

However, much more must be done. The government of Italy must implement detainment facilities and an ongoing mechanism to deport the illegal migrants back to Africa. In the meantime, the partnership in Libya should continue. The NGOs supported by the EU were wrong to lure the migrants to Libya.

2. Who is Nils Muiznieks of the EU? Many in Slovakia, Slovenia and other CEE states may be familiar with his background. We have posted about him in the past and we encourage all to read about his professional life at Wikipedia. We believe he is a multicult activist pushing his extreme agenda inside the EU.

Muiznieks first appeared on our radar when he proposed nullifying the migration policies of the nation states in order to implement an EU-wide diktat to “harmonize upwards” the welfare benefits given to migrants. In other words, his plan, echoed by officials in Berlin, would require the V4 and other states to provide the migrants with the same rich benefits as Germany and Sweden. Ne děkuji (no thank you in Czech).

3. Now it appears Muiznieks is making subtle threats to Italy regarding this policy. In a recent letter, Muiznieks asked the Italian government to clarify the nature of its operations, worried that “handing over individuals to the Libyan authorities or other groups in Libya would expose them to a real risk of torture or degrading treatment or punishment”. Of course, Muiznieks is sighting the misleading propaganda of his open society allies and NGO pimps.

Muiznieks continued to lecture the Italian government adding, “the fact that such actions would be carried out in Libyan territorial waters does not absolve Italy.” We do not believe Italians will be welcoming Muiznieks anytime soon to Italy.

Niks Muiznieks is the perfect example of why many detest and resent the unelected bureaucrats of the EU. Not only have they failed to protect the borders, but their policies have only intensified and deepened the crisis. The arrogant and overrated leadership of Brussels has exposed all Europeans to unnecessary risks. They are not worthy to lead Europe.

The government of Italy should carry on with this policy with the support of the European nation states. In the meantime, Italians should be careful to choose leaders committed to border security for the long-term, rather than the short-term political shows of the Gentiloni government.

As far as Nils Muiznieks is concerned, he should be shown the door (along with a few other Commissioners) and sent back to his mentor George Soros.