Visegrad 4 nations earn respect for challenging Merkel on migration

Visegrad 4 nations earn respect for challenging Merkel on migration

From the frenzied reactions of some of the “pro-German” journalists in the Czech Republic, one would think the Czech leaders were somehow insulting Angela Merkel by opposing “her vision” for their nation. These journalists may need to be reminded that Czechs are no longer “subjects” of Berlin.

One writer actually suggested that the Czechs should have taken a more “reserved” stance on the refugees.  This, of course, was Sweden’s response, just to surrender to Merkel’s demand of open borders.  How has that worked-out for Sweden?  He goes on to imply that this would have put the Czech Republic and V4 nations in a “better position” with the EU and Germany.  In other words, Czechs, Hungarians, Slovaks, and Poles could have received “blue and gold EU stars” for meekly accepting “EU Solidarity” – and adopting the multicultural way of life of France, Sweden, and Belgium. Just keep your mouth shut, don’t think for yourself, and the EU will take care of you.

Where do they find such journalists and what are they pontificating about?

The fact of the matter is that the V4 and Czech Republic have put themselves in a great position.  Unlike Sweden or Germany, their streets are safe and they have defended their culture and way of life by opposing Merkel’s vision from the start.  Viktor Orban of Hungary was a lonely, brave voice in the beginning, but was soon joined by the other three Visegrad states.  Their early, and often criticized, opposition to Merkel helped change the debate.  Today, more EU states are defecting from the regime of Jean-Claude Juncker, and instead, are following the lead of the V4.

Their bold action may have brought them venom from the media and EUCO, but their ability to take decisive action to control events and to challenge the Group Think of Brussels has won them respect from many other countries worldwide.  Before the migrant crisis, some may have thought the V4 to be a tomato juice sold in the USA.  Today, people listen when they talk.

The Czech economy is strong and there is no doubt they benefit from their economic relationship with Germany.  Indeed, this should be celebrated, cherished, and acknowledged.  However, a healthy relationship between two countries demands respect for each other, not a climate where one tries to dominate. This never works out well.

By standing up to Angela Merkel and Brussels on mass migration, the V4 nations emerged as a force to be reckoned with, even from those who may have disagreed with them.  Instead of rolling over like Sweden or Austria, the leaders of Visegrad not only put the best interests of their people first, but they also managed to get Germany to change its course.  This is how confident and secure leaders act.

This nonsense about moving West or East is pure propaganda by those who wish to control and weaken the sovereignty of the nation state; thus, curtailing their freedoms to make their own decisions and to control their own destinies  It’s the simpleton who suggests that defying the EU on migrant quotas is somehow a nod east towards Putin.  Who comes up with these theories?  Usually, the EU opportunists who seek to break and mold the nation state into a “mindless clone” for their super-state.

Far from hurting themselves, the courageous stand taken by the Visegrad nation states has elevated their status, earned them respect, and put them in a great position to be Europe’s future leaders. But, most of all, their preventive actions protected the safety and security of their people.

Well done V4, well done.  You have awakened Europe.