The Visegrad Core is expanding its influence across Europe: Support from the Northern League (Lega Nord) in Lombardy and Veneto.

The Visegrad Core is expanding its influence across Europe:  Support from the Northern League (Lega Nord) in Lombardy and Veneto.

* Italy. The Visegrad Core is expanding its influence across Europe. Visegrad seems to have support from the Northern League (Lega Nord) in Lombardy and Veneto.

** The League “subscribes” to the letter of the Visegrad rebels refused by Italy’s PM Paolo Gentiloni.

– The letter below in Italian was sent to us by Max Ferrari from his Lega Nord office in Milano. We did our best to translate the article, but it was very difficult and apologize for any errors contained in this translation.

The open letter by Paolo Grimoldi, secretary of the Lombard League, was sent to the four consuls of the Central European countries embroiled in controversy with the EU on immigration. July 24, 2017.

~ The article translated ~

“Now close your ports to the migrants or you will be submerged” is the main message of the letter written by the leaders of the Visegrad Group to PM Gentiloni. This advice from Visegrad, viewed from Rome as an act of intimidation, was merely a sincere offer from Hungary and Poland to help Italy in the creation and management of hot spots in southern Libya.

The Lega Nord has been working with the Hungarian premier Viktor Orbán, who in the European Parliament has been in agreement with Matteo Salvini. Salvini’s Lombard component, Mr Paolo Grimoldi, has long admired the bloc of Visegrad, even dreaming of being a part of it.

As secretary of the Lombard League, Paolo Grimoldi wrote an open letter from Milano to the four general consuls of the Visegrad group:

“For a long time,” writes Grimoldi, “as a representative of those Lombards who are proud of their European socio-cultural roots, I was extremely interested in the geopolitical experience of the “Visegrad Group” and I cannot help from thanking you openly for the letter that your leaders have written to the Italian premier.”

“A letter that I and the League fully consider to be friendly and full of good advice, starting with the closure of our ports, the generous offer to help create and manage collection points in Libya and patrolling the Libyan coastline. These are useful tips for a country that seems to be falling apart and many rightly fear is overwhelmed by an uncontrolled wave of migrants drawn to Europe by politicians and unscrupulous traffickers.”

“I do not understand and I am saddened by the rude and arrogant response of the Italian Government, which claims in a despicable way that your countries have something to learn. Instead, we should all learn about controlling migration from the Visegrad Group, which has brilliantly managed to close the Balkan migration route and secure its borders to impeccably maintain public order.”

“Prime Minister Orban said a nation which is unable to secure its own borders is not a nation and is likely to disappear. We of the League are perfectly in agreement and we share the concerns of Prime Ministers Beata Szydło, Robert Fico and Bohuslav Sobotka who are deeply concerned over Islamic mass migration and how it would change the demographic, cultural and religious features of our Christian Europe.”

“In the letter, it is written that most of those who land in Italy are not persecuted refugees, but economic migrants who must be rejected or, better yet, stopped earlier in the south of Libya. We agree. It is absurd to say that these ideas are racist – which is part of Emmanuel Macron’s agenda. It is even more ludicrous to try to silence the Hungarians with anti-Semitism allegations that have been personally dismantled by the Israeli prime minister. We have a lot to learn from Israel in the defense of our culture and I wanted to be in Budapest with you and Bibi Netanyahu to talk about safeguarding our common roots and our common culture.”

“Here in Milano – just like our friends in Austria (HC Strache and the FPO) – we take a great interest in the possible widening of the influence of the Visegrad Group, which today uses a policy of mutual support to block the arrogant policies of Brussels and counteract the hateful campaigns conducted by the EU, such as those directed at Poland and its sovereignty.”

“Orban said that years ago the CEE countries escaped from the Soviet bloc and looked to the EU as an anchor of salvation. Unfortunately, today the opposite has occurred and now it is the Central-Eastern European countries that are the last light of salvation for European identity. He is right: your bloc’s resistant to the anti-sovereign, globalist and pro-migration policies of the EU is the only chance of salvation for a Western Europe that is almost lost.”

“On the other hand, we do not forget that the heroic Polish cavalry, led by Jan Sobieski, at the head of a European “Lega Santa” (Holy League) – in which Lombardy and Venetians were also a part of – miraculously saved Vienna and Europe from the invasion of the Muslim.”

“As you well know, the Northern League led by Matteo Salvini is actively at your side in the European Parliament and we in Lombard are ready to do all that is necessary for the common cause in our regional parliament. In addition, we would like to create a “Lombardy-Visegrad Study Center” to ensure that trade and synergy are channeled and steady, and that your best practices and good ideas become increasingly familiar to us in Lombardy, demonstrating that the People’s Europe can still be saved.”

La Lega “sottoscrive” la lettera dei ribelli di Visegrad rifiutata da Gentiloni