Visegrad needs a new strategy regarding migration and must take the offensive.

Visegrad needs a new strategy regarding migration and must take the offensive.

Visegrad needs a new strategy regarding migration and must take the offensive.

One cannot allow Ylva from Sweden and Germany to lead the way.
* Election time? Where was Babis (lunching with Macron) in 2019 when Salvini needed support in efforts to close the ports in Italy?

Czech PM 👉 We have to deal with migration outside the EU.
Ok, keep working on it, but there is another problem…the illegals are already in the EU.

Better to seal the border with pushbacks, freeze new asylum claims and to move-on to the next phase…deporting the illegals out of Europe en masse. Few will go voluntarily.
This is why the illegals keep coming and new smugglers keep appearing to collect the funds; the illegals know they will not be sent back.

** “I am sure the proposal of quotas will not return. We fought them with my friend Viktor Orbán, and we succeeded,” said the Czech prime minister.

Congratulations…but George Soros was also against the mandatory quotas, knowing very well that there were other, less controversial ways to flood the EU.

Both Visegrad and Soros succeeded with their short-term goals during Phase One, but whose strategy will carry the long-term?

Phase Two has arrived and will determine the very definition and identity of Europe over the next 5-10 years.
Not to take away anything from Visegrad…this was a great short-term victory that preserved its culture and way of life…for now; however, it’s time to realize that more is at stake for every member state in the long term.
Eventually the new arrivals, no matter which EU state they settle-in, will obtain free movement and voting power. The sheer demographics of this invasion will have long term consequences for all.
*** It’s not enough to declare victory by just defeating mandatory quotas….a true just cause, but that was yesterday’s battle.

Visegrad and other CEE states must stand firm to unconditionally defeat this UN/Berlin inspired migration pact that will forever commit the EU to mass migration. There is no going back.
The EU bait of future returns 👌 and flexible solidarity are EU traps, or alibis to give reluctant leaders like Babis an excuse to vote for the pact so he can claim a false victory at home.
👉 Phase Two (deporting the illegals en masse) is a must since phase one (defense of borders) failed or was never taken seriously.

Visegrad should draw a line in the sand: First show us that the EU can successfully deport 100,000 illegals before any relocation schemes are even discussed. Show us that the borders can be defended for a year with positive results before any legal pathways can be considered.
Call the EU’s bluff. Brussels will never agree, but neither should Visegrad and others allow this EU poison pact to proceed. It should be voted down by principal alone; the EU should not infringe upon the migration policies of the nation states.

Germany and the EU exacerbated this crisis; don’t give them more powers regarding migration.
It will be up to the nation states to work together (chain pushbacks, linking all aid to returns, etc) to tackle this vicious cycle created by Eurocrats and German officials.
The multicult project or Frontex agents cannot save Europe.…/czech-pm-we-have-to-deal-with…