Visegrad News! The V4 Report on Twitter today.

Visegrad News! The V4 Report on Twitter today.

Visegrad News! The V4 Report on Twitter today.

Britain, Poland, Matteo Salvini, Viktor Orban, Sebastian Kurz and the Visegrad states must realize that the “EU-UN agenda” in Brussels is to divide & isolate them in various ways regarding different issues:

– The Article7 “witch hunts” and propaganda campaign directed against Poland and Hungary.

– The constant harassment of Britain over Brexit.

– Threatening to arrest Matteo Salvini for stopping the mafia’s human smuggling business and securing Italy’s borders, which EVERY nation state has the sovereign right (and duty) to do. National security comes first, not UN-EU multicult demands.

– The bitter and deceitful “slander campaign” against the Kurz coalition in Austria.

– The EU taking the Visegrad states “to court” and trying to slap violations on them for rejecting EU migrant quotas.

This new mainstream European coalition must form a UNITED front against Brussels on the issues in which they are attacked. This means supporting each other on issues that may not even pertain to an individual nation state in order to protect each other from the assaults from Brussels. Eventually, Brussels will target them all.

It is also time to to take on Manfred Weber of the EPP and CSU who is Merkel’s influence in Brussels. His attacks on Poland and Britain are unacceptable designed to expand the powers and scope of Brussels.

While left-wing lunatics like Guy Verhofstadt often self-destruct, “fake conservatives” like Weber are dangerous moles and can be far more damaging.

** Brussels, Berlin and Paris have been damaged and they know it. They will become even more aggressive in their desperation to maintain power.

It’s time to fight back in order to “adjust their attitude”. Salvini and Visegrad have to punch back by demanding the termination of EU Migration boss Dimitris Avramopolous. This must be the first salvo towards reclaiming Europe.

Onwards and stay united.