Von der Leyen and David Sassoli: Why does EU shoot for the lowest opportunists? Easily manipulated, just like past eras.

Von der Leyen and David Sassoli: Why does EU shoot for the lowest opportunists? Easily manipulated, just like past eras.
Von der Leyen and David Sassoli: Why does EU shoot for the lowest opportunists? Easily manipulated, just like past eras.
Sassoli is an absolute clown. The obscure socialist from Italy and his desperate group of MEPs are constantly trying to gain relevancy by expanding their reach over matters beyond their competency. Verhofstadt, Weber, Metsola, etc., the EU Parliament is the epicenter of self-absorption and self-promotion, and filled with politicians obsessed with selfies and intoxicated with delusions of grandeur.
It’s quit obvious Brussels attracts the worst. This is why the Eurocrats despise the European nation states and those leaders who believe it has primacy over the super-state in Brussels.
* Just look at the fixed, back-door process on how Sassoli was selected by the EU establishment. Both the EPP and Renew Europe refused to enter candidates and instead agreed to support Sassoli, an open-border socialist from Italy. This was a grave mistake. Both are highly unqualified and in over their heads.
It’s certainly not up to some low-stock EU Parliament President (Sassoli) – who was handpicked behind closed doors by the EU establishment (Socialists, Renew Europe and EPP party) – to determine the positions of Slovenia or the V4 states in regards to defending borders and rejecting mass migration from alien cultures. This is for the elected governments of the nation states, which are the EU, to decide.
Not everyone is as obedient to the EU as Master Draghi of Italy; some actually choose to defend their people and culture.
** Sassoli said, “It is not up to the Slovenian Presidency to say what the position of the EU is on the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. We invite PM Janša to discuss with the EU institutions what the next steps should be but it’s clear we need to show solidarity.”
EU institutions? 😂 Everyone knows Frontex is useless and that EU solidarity is a myth.
His comments came after Slovenia’s Prime Minister Janez Janša warned against open door for Afghan asylum seekers;
“If women can organize and fight against the Taliban in some parts of Afghanistan, so should men. It is not the duty of the EU or Slovenia to help and pay everyone on the planet who is fleeing, instead of fighting for their homeland….The EU will not open any European migration corridors for Afghanistan. We will not allow the strategic mistake of 2015 to be repeated. We have to help only individuals who helped us during NATO op. and those countries guarding the EU’s external border to fully protect it.”
*** Jansa seems confident but the EU Commission, Germany and others may work behind closed doors with the UN to open corridors to the EU directly from Afghanistan and elsewhere.
Call it the EU’s migrant pipeline.
In the end, all member states will suffer the consequences. We believe the V4 and CEE states should become much more adamant (play offense) in instructing Brussels that there will be no EU-wide solidarity on this issue, unless it involves sealing the borders and denying entry.
Once this migration wave starts, it will never end. 🙌 Wait…it already started years ago but the EU continues to find excuses to commit Europe to mass migration.
It will never stop until the nation states start taking back control of Europe. The EU is a poison that is slowly destroying Europe.