Von der Leyen Commission and EU may really shoot their own eyes out!

Von der Leyen Commission and EU may really shoot their own eyes out!

Von der Leyen Commission and EU may really shoot their own eyes out!

Brexit trade deal: Brussels in disarray as Hungary rightfully questions undue pressure on UK.

Brussels just can’t let go; maybe the VDL Commission realizes that the UK was a big contributor to the budget.

Now it’s “EU solidarity” over Brexit, where all the ‘member states’ are expected to engage in the ‘Group Think’ of Brussels while bashing a pretty important country with purchasing power. This would be foolish to act with such juvenile-like EU vengeance.

– Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said a future relationship agreement with the UK could not be concluded by the end of 2020. The V4 Report reckons the EU will just keep asking for delays.

However, von der Leyen has little leverage, and it’s really not her decision. The EU “will be the loser” if the EU Commission fails to make a trade and security deal with Britain by the end of 2020.

– However, statements from the Hungarian government represents the first public criticism of her Brexit policy.

Tamas Menczer, Hungarian State Secretary for Information and International Representation, insisted a deal can be completed in time and the European Commission must find the “political will” to do it.

He said: “The British people made their decision. We can find a successful solution.”

The Hungarian government also said that recent attacks on Britain and Mr Johnson by the EU were “unacceptable”.

Mr Menczer said: “You saw a lot of EU leaders criticise Boris Johnson because of his policy.”

“We think it is totally unacceptable. Nobody should criticise a leader if he or she is carrying out the will of the people – because that is democracy.”

And he added: “We are absolutely interested in very close economic relations with Britain.

“We have here 750 British companies and 60,000 Hungarian employees.

“It’s a great number. We are absolutely investing in trade and investment co-operation.”

He said he was also concerned that competition will be strong for access to the UK – the fifth biggest economy in the world – which, according to reports is set to become a quarter bigger than France.

He said: “After Brexit, Britain will make trade agreements with the US, Australia and other parts of the world.”

“If the EU is not able to find a solution that is acceptable for Britain and the EU, then we will lose competition with other parts of the world.”

He also praised Boris Johnson for showing respect for Hungary when other EU leaders were attacking it over its attempts to deal with illegal migration.

* The EU needs to grow up and to face reality…the world is a big place and the EU is not the only game in town. Contrary to what they wish to believe in Brussels, the world would move on without the “project”.

Eventually, Visegrad and the CEE states will have to exit to preserve its culture and way of life. However, the EU could implode first.