Washington Times: Italy losing culture to immigrant influx

Washington Times:  Italy losing culture to immigrant influx

* Italy. What will it take for Italians to wake up and begin to deal with the demographic and civilizational catastrophe facing their uniquely attractive culture?

– by Daniel Pipes, president of the Middle East Forum.

Quotes from Pipes:
1. Exacerbating the trend toward what the French intellectual Renaud Camus calls a grand replacement of populations, 285,000 Italians left their homeland in 2016, a major increase over prior years.

2. Adding to the political drift, the clueless government of Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni promotes standard left-wing bromides, barely acknowledging the tectonic shift now underway.

** We feel for Italians who are held hostage by EU-obedient leaders and did not ask for their borders to be surrendered. The last two PMs were not elected by the people, but appointed. It seems as if their leaders have adopted the internal EU “core values” of incompetency, arrogance and spinelessness.

Paolo Gentiloni, Matteo Renzi and ex-communist Federico Mogherini speak of “greatness” when promoting the false humanity of open borders, mass migration and rabid multiculturalism. Perhaps the president of the Czech Republic, Miloš Zeman, had a more accurate definition when he labeled it as “cowardice masquerading as tolerance”.

The current leaders of Italy have exposed their own people and all Europeans to aggressive male migrants who have no business “roaming” Europe.

In 2018, Italians will get their chance to speak. We are optimistic they will send Paolo Gentiloni and his Party of European Socialists (PES) the same message Austrians sent Christian Kern: You have failed our country, sacrificed our culture and exposed our security. There is the back door.

Good luck.