Watch out…here comes EU Commissioner Vera Jourova and the Council of Europe again.

Watch out…here comes EU Commissioner Vera Jourova and the Council of Europe again.

Watch out…here comes EU Commissioner Vera Jourova and the Council of Europe again.

The social engineers are trying to push the Istanbul convention and its gender-ideology on all EU states.

Jourova is not well-known for deep thoughts (she’s a convenient ‘gender quota’ token for Verhofstadt, Brussels and ANO) but she wants to put her hands on everything from speech to biology to Mother Nature. She is a useful and easily-manipulated tool and the perfect example on how government opportunists feed off the system in Brussels in order to increase their own power. Jourova is one of many unaccountable Eurocrats seeking to push personal agendas at EU level (she is a follower of Open Society).

👉 Translation: The EU commission still has not given up on trying to force the EU member states to accept the gender convention. Although the document is officially about violence against women, it would in fact raise toxic gender ideology to the level of law in the countries that accept it. The Center for basic rights earlier in Hungary was the first to draw attention to the wolf in the lamb skin, but the wolf has finally taken off its cover. (you can read more about it here:

A választások után sem kerülhet szóba a gender-egyezmény elfogadása

As part of the EU gender strategy, Jourova wants to adopt a law that would put the existence of social gender into the throat of the member states as part of the EU gender strategy.

Several members of the EU – including Hungary, Slovakia and Czechia – have not signed the Council of Europe’s Istanbul Convention. Therefore, although the EU has joined the convention, there is no obligation for the member states who refuse to recognize the mandatory force. However, the alliance of open society is not able to accept this: they have touched the instrument of EU law and want to force the text of the gender convention on the member states in the form of a decision.

If the EU law was adopted, Hungary would also have to move it into Hungarian law…accepting that people will not become male or female at birth, but on the basis of the standards “forced” by this convention. The purpose of the open society, therefore, is not to reduce violence against women, but to introduce the category of “social gender” at the EU level. They are trying to use the convention as a “Village of the throne” for the legal recognition of their toxic ideas.

This is in a clear contrast to the spirit and text of the basic law of Hungary, which clearly follows the normal definition of men and women according to the order of creation. The leaders of this gender-ideology want to break the Hungarian basic law with the help of Brussels, and try to claim that the rejection of this convention is anti-Democratic. However, the truth is the opposite: the fact that laws and political will are based on the authority of the Hungarian voters, the opposite of the high password of the rule of law.

The Centre for basic rights continues to stand against the Istanbul gender convention and its anti-Democratic Law, as we believe that letting the pressure of the international gender lobby would be a bad step that would cause an irresistible damage to the Hungarian law.