“We do not want them here”.

“We do not want them here”.
“We do not want them here”.
French opposition leaders put pressure on Macron to reject the EU plan to relocate Afghans to the EU.
* Macron is a tricky one, and has a history of talking sideways on migration around election time, but he has done absolutely nothing to defend France.
In the end, despite his theatre, Macron will always support the pro-migration agenda of the EU. This is a given.
Indeed, France is always on the list of “willing states” to relocate illegals granted entry into the EU. In addition, Macron supports Ylva from Sweden’s EU migration pact, which will commit Europe to mass migration.
– But there is pressure in France.
Fench MEP Julie Lechanteux tweeted: “It is unacceptable that the EU decides instead of the Member States on the reception of Afghan migrants…We are fighting this deadly EU pro-immigration policy and we will continue to do so!”
Another MEP, Nicolas Bay, echoed these words and said: “99 percent of Afghans support the application of the Sharia law. These are sufficient arguments to say that we do not want them here.”
He added: “The majority of afghans do not share our values…85 percent of Afghan Muslims, for example, are in favour of stoning.
“Are these the people that mayors want?”
** We will see what the French people want by measuring the results of the next election. They have a choice to make…and to live with.